They operate a hotel and restaurant for media chef Gordon Ramsay in London

A little over a week ago, A group of people occupied the hotel and restaurant of British chef and presenter Gordon Ramsay. He received numerous Michelin stars throughout his career.

The building in the popular Camden area of ​​central London has been temporarily closed and is on the market for £13 million.

Its residents closed its windows and put a sign on the door with the title A “legal notice” in which they defended their actionssince then BBC explainsOccupying non-residential property is not itself a crime in England. Although the police can take necessary action if crimes are committed later, including damage to property.

Later, the group of at least six people published a statement on social media Explaining the reasons that led them to the occupation That property

“We aim to open our doors regularly to everyone, especially Camden residents who have been victims of gentrification and parasitic projects,” the Instagram post under the username Camden Art Cafe said. In this sense, collectivism aims to Create a community space and use the building as a café and art gallery.

“We offer free food, drinks and space to display art without the ridiculous bureaucracy of galleries,” they added. They also claimed that “Camden is an area with one of the largest wealth disparities in London,” which is why they were betting on this These types of properties are “open to all.”

Ramsey's lawyers obtain an injunction

After the occupation and as Published by BBC, Ramsay's lawyers obtained an order from the Supreme Court last Thursday To regain ownership of the building.

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At the time, some occupiers said they would comply with the High Court order, and in fact, a post on the same Instagram profile of the Camden Art Cafe group claimed that “They left the building.”.

Not without first announcing that they “widish good luck to those remaining in the building.” So, currently The place is still busy The number of people inside is unknown.

British chef and presenter Gordon Ramsay, in an archive photo (Flickr)

However, it is a place that has already seen a previous legal dispute. That is, in 2007, Film director Gary Love bought it This former inn dates back to the 19th century and was later leased to famous chef Ramsay for 25 years at an annual rent of £640,000.

The host of the “Kitchen Nights” TV show, which was transferred to the Spanish television network as “Pesadilla en la cocina,” tried unsuccessfully to free himself from the lease in a legal battle in the Supreme Court in 2015. The place was put up for sale at the end of last year With a guide price of £13m.

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