Ukraine and Moscow warn: “the dangers of World War III” – the world

Ukraine and Moscow warn: “the dangers of World War III” – the world

Russia has warned of the “real” danger to anyone
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei said that World War III Lavrov He added that a nuclear war would be “unacceptable”. However, Moscow will continue peace negotiations with Kyiv. “Good intentions have limits. If they are not mutual, then this will not contribute to the negotiation process” but “we will continue to pursue negotiations with Volodymyr Zelensky’s delegation, and contacts will continue.”

Russia does not currently see a ceasefire as a viable option. At the beginning of the third month of the war, Moscow continues its offensive in Ukraine relentlessly and excludes the armistice until the achievement of its military objectives, from the Donbass to the entire southern belt. Raids continued unabated on cities and strategic infrastructure, exacerbating the toll of thousands of civilian casualties reported by Kyiv.

A third mass grave was found outside Mariupol in the village of Stari Kerim. This was reported by the Mariupol City Council on Telegram, reports Ukrinform.
“A mass grave was found in the village of Stari Karim.
This is the third mass burial site near Mariupol,” the note states, it is another extension of the craters discovered by the satellite on March 24 and April 7. This last image, from yesterday, shows new fossils.
The total length increased to more than 200 meters.

Russian bombs centered on today’s rail network. Rocket attacks hit five stations in western and central Ukraine, killing at least 5 and injuring 18. “The Russians are trying to hit critical infrastructure,” the authorities of the central Vinnytsia region accused, explaining that the planned trains were “cancelled or rerouted.” Moscow confirmed the raids, claiming the destruction of 6 railways, noting that they were military targets, due to the “transportation of foreign vehicles” along the damaged roads.
Strikes also continue on the Donbass River and in the Kharkiv region, where raids on the village of Bezruki caused three more casualties among the residents. As the drama continues for the nearly 1,000 civilians trapped in the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, almost all of the women and children, stuck in food and water supplies for only 48 hours, along with 2,000 fighters from the Azov and Ukrainian Regiment. Marines. “Humanitarian corridors are open according to the agreements of the two parties. The corridor declared unilaterally does not provide security and therefore is in fact not a humanitarian corridor,” Kyiv Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk explained. Opening safe corridors for the evictions promised by the Russians.
But Kyiv’s soldiers, “also driven by the support of the international community,” continue to resist, according to London intelligence. “Our estimate – said British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace – is that about 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed” so far, while 2,000 armored vehicles have been destroyed in Moscow and 60 helicopters or planes have been lost. Vladimir Putin’s army, according to estimates by the government of Boris Johnson, would have effectively lost “more than 25%” of the operational forces of 120 tactical battalions, with which the invasion began.

Meanwhile, concern is growing about the opening of a new front of Transnistria. The pro-Russian separatist region of Moldova, which the Moscow military command openly declared as a target that must be secured by invading the entire coastal strip of Ukraine, was hit, according to the local authorities, by firing “anti-tank grenade launchers” against it. The building that houses the Ministry of State Security in the so-called capital, Tiraspol. An attack that resulted in no casualties or injuries, possibly because the building was half empty on the occasion of Orthodox Easter, and at the moment without claims. But any accusations of Ukrainian “provocations”, previously mentioned several times by the Russians, could lead to more tensions in Odessa, which is only tens of kilometers away and is still in shock from Saturday’s missile raid.
Meanwhile, there are still accusations in Kyiv of counter-attacks on the Belgorod border region, without always casualties, while a fire of unknown origin has broken out at a fuel depot in Bryansk, close to the border with Ukraine, where accusations from Moscow remain. The authorities extended the state of alert until May 10.

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