Watch out for the TV. Here’s how to tweak older devices, too

Watch out for the TV.  Here’s how to tweak older devices, too

After months of waiting, here we are: the transition to the new begins today DTT. The first stage is to turn off the Mpeg-2 encoding and the plug will be pulled from all channels that are not broadcast in HD, that is, those that are placed from number 500 on our TV. Moreover, starting today, all national and local TV stations will only be visible if you have one television or a decoder capable of supporting the new technology. Don’t panic, because the transition to the new Mpeg-4 standard has already been active for a few months on the main national broadcasters and if you have so far been able to tune Rai 1, Canale 5 and La 7 (which in the meantime have been joined with the words “Hd”), Your TV is not plugged in turn offAt least in this first stage.


On the other hand, if you still see Sd (that is, standard definition) written next to the channel name, it is likely that your TV or set-top box is not compatible with new broadcasts. Before purchasing a new device, Mise recommends that you proceed with resetting the channels and suggests contacting one of the new digital TV switchboards activated by the Ministry of Enterprise (reachable at 06-87800262 or on Whatsapp at 340-1206348) specifically to answer the most common questions and doubts about moving. However, if the reset procedure also fails, it’s time to buy a new TV or decoder that can withstand the transition to the new standard, which will be introduced gradually over the next few months and throughout 2023.

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In fact, the first update will only leave the oldest devices in the dark (the first HD-ready TVs with built-in SD decoders, i.e. devices that are now more than 10 years old) but in order to have a TV capable of supporting, in addition to the codec that was Activate it today, until the transition to the new dvb-t2 standard (which, barring changes in plans, should start in January), there are some checks to be carried out. First, check that your TV isn’t already compatible. Models purchased after January 1, 2017 must be in accordance with the law. Those who purchased in the store after this date can rest assured. Just browse the TV manual and look for the word “DVB-T2 HEVC/H265” under “Digital Tuner” and that gives us the green light. You can also go to Rai channel 100 or 200 Mediaset and check if the written “HEVC MAIN10 test” appears, confirming full compliance with the new standard. On the other hand, if your TV is not compatible, just buy a decoder.


There are several models available, costing around 50 euros and varying a lot according to needs, from 19.99 for the basic models and up to 150 euros for the most advanced ones. Obviously, it is necessary to check that the decoder bears the words “dvb-t2 reception with HEVC main coding 10”, otherwise the expense will be useless. Compatibility between the outputs of the set-top box and the inputs of the TV is also important: if the TV only has a scart socket, it will not be possible to connect it to a set-top box that only has hdmi outputs. Among the additional features that could raise the price of the set-top box are a smart card reader, the willingness to connect to the Internet and the presence or absence of USB ports and an internal hard drive. Meanwhile, there has been a change in the TV bonus: as of November 12, the platform made available by the revenue agency for receiving TV and set-top bonuses is no longer active. On the other hand, the “Decoder a Domicilio” bonus remains in effect, which provides for the home delivery of the decoder to all citizens aged 70 or over, with a pension not exceeding 20,000 euros per year and who are holders of the Rai license fee.

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