Sega announces Mega Drive Mini 2, with 50 games also from Mega CD –

Sega announces Mega Drive Mini 2, with 50 games also from Mega CD –

While the live stream is currently underway, Sega has today announce Next launch of Sega Mega Drive Mini 2This is the mini version of the original Mega Drive 2, with the inside 50 games also taken from Sega Mega CD Release date for Japan.

There’s no word yet to be confirmed in the West, considering the demo is still in the works, but in Japan, the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 will be available from October 27, 9,980 yenabout $75, which is roughly the standard price at which the first Sega Mega Drive Mini was released.

Given that the console in question was originally a revision of the first Mega Drive but essentially the same technical specifications and compatible with the same library, it is likely that this new mini version will focus on a different catalog.

Currently, Silpheed (Mega CD), Shining Force CD (Mega CD), Sonic CD (Mega CD), Mansion of Hidden Souls (Mega CD), and Popful Mail (Mega CD) have been announced, but the show is still running a path. The first Sega Mega Drive Mini was launched in 2019 with 42 games and got very positive reviews from retro fans as well.

However, limited production has made it difficult to find for some time now, so the release of a new version can still find fertile ground in the market, waiting for the catalog of available games to be discovered more accurately.

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