Group smoking to celebrate the legalization of cannabis consumption in Germany

The law that Legalization of marijuana consumption in Germany It came into effect on Monday after Parliament approved its text in mid-March.

As if the countdown to the new year, About 1,500 people celebrated at midnight With a mass smoke at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

from now on It is legal to carry 25 grams of cannabis for personal consumption In Germany, you can smoke on the street provided that it is at least 100 meters away from children's parks, schools, sports centers or shopping streets.

For now, cannabis It cannot be legally purchased for three months The German Cannabis Association advises consumers not to reveal where they obtained it in the event of a police check.

Supporters of the law celebrate the decriminalization of thousands of people. In addition, consumers who take it for medical reasons will also benefit, because prescriptions will be less complicated.

In Germany, it is already legal to carry 25 grams of cannabis for personal consumption (Reuters/Christian Mange)

Disagreement over legal cannabis fines

The law legalizing the recreational use of cannabis stipulates that adults They can grow a maximum of three marijuana plants at home For self consumption or collect up to 50 grams of dried buds in your own space.

While the country's medical association believes that 50 grams per month is equivalent to “Consumption is high risk and leads to disorders“, the Department of Health says legal cannabis should be made available in larger quantities if it is in demand End the illegal black market.

Supporters of the law celebrate in Berlin with a mass smoke at the Brandenburg Gate (Reuters/Christian Mang)

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann defends that legalization will relieve pressure on judicial and police bodies in the medium term. Now there More than 100,000 criminal cases have been opened against cannabis users To the country.

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to Conservative opposition They warn that, the day they rule the country again, they will immediately repeal the law because they consider it a threat to public health.

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