Sampdoria – Ternana 4-1: Final score and highlights

Sampdoria – Ternana 4-1: Final score and highlights
  • Monday's amazing League 2 finishes at Easter, see you at the next challenge!22:30

  • 90'+5'

    Sampdoria ends – Ternana! Booker Doriano, 4-1 final!22:28

  • 90'+4'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Ternana 4-1! Manuel De Luca Network. A hat-trick from the striker, who hit Stojanovic's soft cross at the far post. What an impact off the bench for a fullback!

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  • 90'+2'

    What's wrong with Alvarez! Another assist from Stojanovic, the striker shoots the ball towards Iannarelli!22:26

  • 90'+1'

    Another chance for Favelli, Gilardi closes it a few steps away: Sampdoria, who concede too much.22:24

  • 90'

    Three minutes of stoppage time.22:24

  • 89'

    Favili shoots the ball into the first goal, a high ball.22:23

  • 88'

    Stefano! A free kick from Pereiro was blocked by Casasola from behind him and he shot high!22:22

  • 87'

    Amonito Thiago Matías Casasola. 22:21

  • 86'

    Sampdoria, who finished the match in two minutes, Marassi exploded with joy.22:20

  • 85'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Ternana 3-1! Manuel De Luca Network. A personal brace from the striker, who headed in a cross from Stojanovic.

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    Manuel De LucaManuel De Luca
  • 84'

    Third substitution for Ternana: Franco Ezequiel Carbone comes on and Filippo Destefano comes on.22:19

  • 84'

    Substitution for Sampdoria, with Nicola Moro leaving and Cristiano Piccini entering.22:17

  • 84'

    The goal that came from Pirlo's substitutions: an assist from Borini, a goal from Stojanovic, both came off the bench.22:17

  • 83'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Ternana 2-1! Goal by Petar Stojanovic. What a first for Dorian's side, the latest being Borini's assist for the full-back who beat Iannarelli from two steps.

    View the player profile of Petar Stojanovic22:17

    Petar StojanovicPetar Stojanovic

  • 82'

    Gilardi hits his head but sends it wide, the defender complains about being pushed but the match continues.22:15

  • 81'

    Borini! And on the corner developments, a strong strike from the striker: a slight deflection saves Iannarelli.22:14

  • 80'

    Di Luca looks for a difficult pass for Alvarez, and Sorensen is cautious. Sampdoria corner.22:14

  • 77'

    Pirlo goes with the three strikers, 4-3-3 now for Sampdoria.22:11

  • 76'

    Third substitution for Ternana: Antonio Raymundo comes off and Andrea Favelli comes on.22:10

  • 76'

    Substitution for Sampdoria, with Fabio Depaoli leaving and Petar Stojanovic entering.22:10

  • 76'

    Substitution for Sampdoria, with Ebrima Darbo and Agustin Alvarez entering.22:10

  • 75'

    Sampdoria looks tired, Dali Moura easily passes over the tired Darboy.22:09

  • 74'

    What a game from Pereiro, the former Cagliari man managing the counter-attack well, forcing Darboe into a foul.22:07

  • 73'

    Great tunnel from Yepes on Carbone, a mistake by the visiting winger.22:06

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  • 71'

    Sampdoria is pressing again, and now Ternana is forced into its own half.22:05

  • 69'

    Kasami's ball cut Ternana in two, and Yepes found Borini who took too long to cross his cross.22:03

  • 66'

    Corini Bank, Capuano keen to serve Iannarelli.22:01

  • 65'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Ternana 1-1 Goal by Gaston Pereiro. Cross from Casasola, the playmaker returns alone at the far post!

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  • 64'

    Substitution in the ranks of Sampdoria: Valerio Ferri exits, Fabio Borini enters.21:57

  • 63'

    Darboe too lateral for Di Luca, as Sorensen fires the ball into the corner.21:57

  • 62'

    Ternana counterattack, beautiful ball from De Boer, but excellent closure from Darbo.21:56

  • 61'

    Free kick for Sampdoria: An assist for Ferri, the ball is cleared.21:55

  • 59'

    Raimundo! Great tip spin, the ball is just wide!21:53

  • 58'

    Great physicality in this second half, as both teams made a great effort.21:52

  • 56'

    Di Luca was hit by Capuano, who was trying to advance, and the scorer got up in pain.21:50

  • 54'

    The second half is beautiful and very balanced, but it is Ternana who is pressing.21:48

  • 52'

    In the corner, Sorensen and De Boer are blocking each other, with the ball still in the corner.21:46

  • 51'

    A wonderful ball from Pereiro for Casasola, which hit a corner kick.21:46

  • 49'

    Gilardi! A header from the defender surprises Ternana with the ball hitting the post!21:43

  • 47'

    Direct free kick from Pereiro from the edge of the goal, Stankovic holds it easily.21:41

  • 46'

    The second half begins!21:39

  • Ternana was still in the game, and Ferri's side even came close to taking the lead with a Raimondo goal, but a superhuman Iannarelli was needed to keep the game open: a decisive goalkeeper first on Ferri, then on Di Luca.21:26

  • Sampdoria enters the locker room with a 1-0 lead thanks to Di Luca's penalty goal, awarded by Proentera after a VAR check for Amatucci's handball.21:24

  • 45'+3'

    The end of the first half! Sampdoria leads 1-0 with a goal from a penalty kick scored by Di Luca.21:23

  • 45'+3'

    De Luca! Barreca puts the ball in front of goal, a curling score that hits the post: Iannarelli is decisive again on his way out.21:23

  • 45'+1'

    What a ball from Ferry for Darboe, but the midfielder misses Di Luca's cross.21:21

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  • 45'

    Three minutes of stoppage time.21:20

  • 44'

    Cross from Amatucci, served by Carbone: Ghilardi clears.21:20

  • 43'

    Sampdoria have now lowered their center of gravity, which is essential for Pirlo's side to maintain the lead until the end of the first half.21:18

  • 41'

    Gilardi closes down on Raimundo in the corner, Ternana reacts well after Di Luca's goal.21:16

  • 39'

    Free kick taken by Carbone in the corner and shot by Ternana.21:14

  • 38'

    Carbone sent off by Depaoli, free kick for Ternana from the edge.21:13

  • 36'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Ternana 1-0 Penalty kick from Manuel De Luca. The right hander displaces Iannarelli, and Doria takes the lead!

    Take a look at Manuel De Luca's player profile21:11

    Manuel De LucaManuel De Luca
  • 35'

    Penalty kick for Sampdoria! Ready to go and review the pictures and point out the 11 metres!21:10

  • 34'

    VAR checks Amatucci's handball on Barreca's shot.21:09

  • 33'

    Angry crowd in the area, Sampdoria went to protest two fouls in the area: a push on Di Luca and a subsequent handball for a shot from Barreca.21:08

  • 32'

    Yanarelli miracle! Ferry evades Sørensen's mark, and passes Capuano with a curling shot: the goalkeeper lifts it in the corner with his fingers!21:07

  • 31'

    Sampdoria is pressing again, but the game is still very open, given Ternana's danger when they have space.21:07

  • 29'

    Sorensen expects Darboe to be in the penalty area, a mistake by the midfielder.21:04

  • 27'

    Lubrini entered the area, but he did not shoot a cross, but he put it away.21:02

  • 26'

    Qasimi! The midfielder enters the penalty area and finishes the ball with a powerful diagonal shot, which Iannarelli blocks with a jump.21:01

  • 24'

    Ferri with a wonderful header for Depaoli, which Carbone closes in the corner.20:59

  • 23'

    the black! Free kick from Ferri, header sent wide by the former Padova player.20:57

  • 22'

    Third substitution for Ternana: Niklas Behtia comes off and Kees De Boer comes on.20:56

  • 21'

    Gregorio Luperini's warning. Late slide on Kasami, first yellow card of the match. 20:56

  • 20'

    Problems for Pythia requesting change: The number of Ternana was temporarily reduced to ten.20:55

  • 18'

    Many balls touched by Ferry, but few of them of quality so far.20:53

  • 16'

    De Luca! Diagonal from an excellent position, Capuano slides in.20:51

  • 15'

    A wonderful shot from Pereiro, who missed two goals in the area, but the final dribble on Gilardi failed.20:51

  • 14'

    Ternana scheme, Pereiro's low cross does not reach its destination.20:49

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  • 13'

    Now is the time for Ternana, Angle for Fere.20:48

  • 11'

    Raimundo! Bethea finds the vertical for his tip, and a great exit from Stankovic who closes it with his foot!20:46

  • 9'

    Kasmi recovers from Pythia, who knocked him down: the Ternana midfielder, who has already been called up, will have to be careful.20:45

  • 8'

    Darboe is lying in midfield, the former Roma player taking advantage of his fitness.20:43

  • 7'

    Ternana now enters the field after suffering from Sampdoria's strong start.20:43

  • 5'

    Raimundo calls for a foul on the edge of the penalty area, and Prontera whistles the foul for the catch.20:41

  • 4'

    What a start for Sampdoria, very high pressure on Pirlo's team.20:39

  • 3'

    Fury turns and kicks, veers into the corner: high pace right away in this match.20:38

  • 2'

    Barreca in the middle keeps Ternana's defense away.20:36

  • 1'

    Loose ball from Carbone, Daly Moura sends off Di Luca: Sampdoria gets a free kick immediately.20:36

  • 1'

    Sampdoria – Ternana starts! First ball for the guests.20:35

  • The starting whistle is late, and Sampdoria's white socks must be covered, which may confuse the opponent (in an all-white shirt) and the referee. 20:35

  • The match was refereed by referee Alessandro Prontera.20:10

  • Breda opts for the duo of Raimundo and Pereiro, with the former Cagliari player free to change across the entire attacking front. Casasola and Carbone in the fifth position, Daly Moura in defense with Capuano and Sorensen.20:09

  • Pirlo relies on Ferri behind Di Luca, and Moro in the defense line, and Depaoli is supposed to play as the fifth in midfield.20:08

  • Ternana lineup: (3-5-2), Iannarelli – Sorensen, Capuano, Dali Moura – Casasola, Luperini, Amatucci, Pezzea, Carbone – Pereiro, Raimondo.20:06

  • The official lineup for the match: Sampdoria (3-5-1-1), Stankovic – Leoni, Gilardi, Moro – De Paoli, Darboe, Yepes, Casami, Barreca – Ferri – De Luca.20:05

  • 40 points for Pirlo's team, fresh from an excellent moment with three straight victories, and 32 for the visitors, who took the three points with Cosenza.20:04

  • This rich day in Serie B ends on Easter Monday with a match in the Marassi between Sampdoria and Ternana: the Dorianos are looking for success to make their way into the away zone, and out of the away zone.20:03

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Luigi Ferraris
    City: Genoa
    Capacity: 36,685 spectators20:03

    Luigi FerrarisLuigi FerrarisFonti: Getty Images
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