Defense experts admit that he knew what he was doing even though he had been drinking

Trial of former footballer Dani Alves Accused of sexual assault For a girl in December 2022 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​and this Wednesday is still the final stage, where The accused is expected to testify. It is the third day of the trial, which resumed at the Barcelona court after three o'clock in the afternoon With expert guides.

They announced the forensic pathologists who examined the victim for credit If the physical injuries Provided by the victim Consistent with those related to sexual assault.

This was confirmed by judicial experts, including a number of doctors and a forensic psychologist The victim was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. She presented typical symptoms of being a victim.

As for External lesionsThe doctors who examined the woman explained that the injuries were in her knees.“It may be the result of a fall.”But remember, it's very difficult to pinpoint the cause.

On the other hand, the forensic doctors insisted on this Most rapes do not cause vaginal injuries and what Lubrication cannot be associated with consent.

In response to questions from the prosecution counsel, two experts proposed by the defense acknowledged that on the day of the incident: Elvis knew what was happening. He can distinguish between good and evil, Even if he drinks alcohol; Consumption which the defense attempted to justify throughout the trial because it may have been a mitigating factor in sentencing.

This will also be presented Wednesday Documentary evidenceamong which will be displayed Pictures from security cameras From disco.

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Alves will be the last to testify

Alves, who has asked to be the last to testify, is also scheduled to be questioned at a later date. In this sense, the former footballer You can choose to do this or not If he does so, he will also decide whether he wants to answer questions from the prosecution or just the defence.

After that, the accusations will be confirmed or not. Judgment requests — Currently, the prosecutor's office is asking for 9 years in prison and the special prosecution's 12 — and both the prosecutor and lawyers will present arguments in their final reports.

The Public Prosecutor's Office requests 9 years in prison for Dani Alves and the Special Prosecution Office requests 12 years in prison (EFE/Alberto Estévez)

Violent sexual assault, according to the victim

During the first day of the trial The victim statedwho did this for an hour and a quarter, protected by a screen, with the image pixelated, the sound distorted, and the door closed.

According to judicial sources, the complainant I believed his version of events before the court, a story he has maintained from the beginning.

She explained that Danny Alves sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of the nightclub and described it His violent and contemptuous attitude.

Clients and friends corroborate the victim's account

On the second day of the trial… They announced, among others, 12 members of the Mossos d'Esquadra. The officers explained that they went to the nightclub after local workers called 112 and implemented sexual assault protocol.

They also reported this The girl did not want to report the facts Because “he was afraid that his name would be made public.” Al-Musus also confirmed that the victim after the events was shocked and cried and “She was overwhelmed by the situation“.

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Lawyer Esther Garcia, who represents the victim, arrives at the Barcelona court on Wednesday (EFE/Enric Fontcuberta)

In addition, since Elves was a well-known figure, the young woman feared that she would not be believed, a version that was also supported on Monday by the victim's cousin and her boyfriend, who were present that day.

The girls explained that the accused and his friends invited them to the VIP area of ​​the nightclub, and that Elvis maintained “Saliva position“With the three of them. They mentioned that as well He stapled them.

After she was assaulted while she was inside the club, they confirmed that the victim told them what happened while crying: “She was separated and it did not seem like she was in her body,” as the friend put it. She repeated that he “hurt her a lot.”He remembers his cousin.

Witnesses say he was drunk

On Tuesday he was there Six witnesses who supported the latter version Defending Elvis, who tries to argue that he was drunk as a mitigating factor.

In this sense, his wife spoke, who told the court that the former Barcelona player arrived at his home in the morning smelling of alcohol, and that “He hit the dresser and a small table, and fell onto the bed“.

The court sentencing Dani Alves (ACN/Jordi Borràs)

The manager of Sutton's nightclub also stated that on that night he was under the impression that Elvis, a regular customer, “wasn't his usual self” and that he noticed it.Either he had been drinking or he had eaten something“.

Friends who spent the night with him also reported that they were Drinking since lunchtimewho had dinner together and then went to the bar for drinks.

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One of these friends, who was with him that night at Sutton Reserve, and according to him, He did not see anything strange about the victim When she left the bathroom where the assault could have occurred.

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