Andorra adds 24 slots in geriatrics and 50 people are on the waiting list

Andorra adds 24 slots in geriatrics and 50 people are on the waiting list

The minister’s spokesman confirms that “no one was left unattended at all.”

Old Andorra (Andorra), February 7 (European Press) –

The Andorra government on Wednesday approved new agreements with the country's two social and health centers to add 24 new agreed assisted living places for the elderly, thus reaching a total of 246 places available.

According to the Executive Authority in a statement after approval by the Council of Ministers, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Andorran Health Care Service (SAAS) to increase the supported living spaces by 19 in the Cedre Social Health Center, which is open to the public. Owned.

On 24 January, the Council of Ministers approved an annex to the agreement with Domus VI-Salita Care Center to arrange 5 new places, also for supported living: in the case of Salita, places targeting people with a “severe or very serious” degree of dependence (GDA 3-4). .

Thus, the contracted places rise from 222 to 246, distributed as follows: 109 in the Seder (the only public center), 45 in the geriatric clinic of Saint-Vince Danclar, 7 in the Clara Rabasa Residence, and 85 in Salita.

Guillem Casal

The minister's spokesman, Guillem Casal, noted that there were “50 people” on the waiting list to access housing, 32 of whom had already been admitted to a special facility for seniors waiting for a specific place.

He explained that the remaining 18 are in their homes, where they are being monitored by the Social and Health Services District.

Casale added that “no one is ever left without care” and insisted that all elderly or dependent people are always taken care of.

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Meanwhile, the government indicated that it has arranged 10 Respir service places and 14 day service places at Salita's residence.

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