Research and science are back as champions with SHARPER – SRM Science and Religion in Media

Research and science are back as champions with SHARPER – SRM Science and Religion in Media

Once again, science and research are starring with SHARPER, Night of the Researchers.

The appointment returns with European Researchers Night again this year in L’Aquila, Friday 30 September 2022, with SHARPER (Scharing’s Passion for Researchers for Enhanced Roadmaps), one of the Italian projects approved by the European Commission for two years 2022-2023 and upgraded under Marie Curie’s actions. This event is an opportunity to bring science to the general public, and for discussion among researchers and citizens about the major scientific, economic and social challenges that society must face.

For Ezio Privitali, Director of Gran Sasso National Laboratories, “Removing the achievements of scientific research from the classroom and academic laboratories has become a fundamental requirement to engage civil society in new horizons of knowledge. Through the SHARPER event each year, we put researchers in direct contact with citizens by sharing experiences and research taking place in laboratories. Previous experiments have always impressed me with the enthusiasm of the researchers and the great participation of the City of L’Aquila, and I am sure that this year SHARPER will once again be able to engage everyone in what remains a great science festival.”

Eugenio Coccia, president of the Gran Sasso Institute of Science, said the beautiful phrase attributed to Montaigne is that teaching does not fill a vase but rather kindles a fire. The same can be said of scientific publishing and SHARPER activity: not only to inform but to stimulate interests, especially among young people, that can guide their future choices. In the new night of European researchers, L’Aquila wants to assert itself as the capital of culture and science.”

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As usual, the European Researchers’ Night will take place in the historical center of L’Aquila and at the same time in 13 other cities: Ancona, Camerino, Cagliari and Catania,

Genoa, Macerata, Nuoro, Palermo, Pavia, Perugia, Sassari, Terni and Trieste. Scientists and citizens will meet at events, testimonials of what it means to be a researcher, and games also aimed at younger children. In this edition, there will be a special focus on students, to help them deepen their scientific studies, and support them in more informed university choices in the future in STEM subjects. Space is also a science applied to existence and daily activities.

In addition to the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, six universities participate in the European Researchers’ Night: Polytechnic University of Marche, University of Cagliari, University of Catania, University of Palermo, University of Perugia. More than 200 institutions, cultural partners and research bodies participate, including CNR, INAF and INGV.

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