Dear bills, how much will electricity and gas cost us in 2023?

Dear bills, how much will electricity and gas cost us in 2023?

The increases in energy costs are now enormous, and for Italian families and businesses a very complex fall, consisting of really expensive bills, is expected. And the situation, according to what analysts expected, will not improve in 2023 when each family will pay 300% more than in 2020.

Expensive electricity and gas bills

there The next bite It will be historical events: the complex international situation in these months leads to an incredible situation Increasing raw material prices Which has an important impact on Italian families. Assoutenti Raise the alarm and set out how, if things do not go well in the last quarter of 2022, there is no rosy forecast for 2023 Expensive bills will take on terrible tones. In fact, the situation is destined to deteriorate again!

Based on the published data, if In 2020, Italian families spent 785 euros on gas and 542 euros on electricityAnd in 2021 it reached 1162 euros for gas and 802 euros for gas. Nothing compared to what will happen with the 2022 shutdown when families are expected to spend 1,516 euros on gas and 1,042 euros on electricity.

And the for the year 2023? The situation is described as tragic. Families can spend in total 3052 euros for gas and 2214 euros for electricity. This means that you will spend something like €5,266 more per household for energy consumption. a Increase those touches The 300% compared to 2020: a condition for which it is necessary to find a treatment, and it is currently a priority for the government.

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