Don’t Worry Baby: A Positive Start in the US

Don’t Worry Baby: A Positive Start in the US

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about do not worry my love, often for reasons not related to its artistic value or commercial objectives. But the film is now out in theaters and we can discuss its results, which are, for the time being, very satisfactory, considering the extremely low budget of this product, $35 million (who said that mediocre productions shouldn’t be launched in a field?). In fact, Olivia Wilde’s movie opened at the US box office with a total of 9.4 million on Friday, which would lead to a weekend of about 20-22 million (it will be necessary to know how much on Saturday, if it is at least 7 million or more). The film has received a B- rating according to Cinemascore, we’ll see next week if it affects the legacy.

The vast majority of women are among the onlookers (73%), with 44% of women under 25 and 29% over this age group. According to PostTrak polls, for 39% of viewers, the main reason they chose to see the movie was Harry Styles (Is a star born? It’s hard to say and it’s too early to assess whether Styles could shoot titles anyway). higher budgets). In second place is placed the winner last week, woman kingwhich on Friday had another 2.9 million (with -56% compared to debut day, not exactly great news), for a weekend estimated at 10-10.8 million, thus for a total of about 36 million.

An interesting start (even if he did commensurately better in Italy) to a success symbol picture, which gained 3.3 million on Friday and is expected to close on Sunday’s data at 9.15 million, was also helped by unreleased scenes from the sequel Avatar: The Way to Water. Just to give some references, as David Boland points out in his newsletter, the hit scores for important films this year were decidedly lower: Sharks Earning 5.1M, ET – The Extraterrestrial 2M, The Godfather 1.4M, Rogue One 1.3M. Definitely a good sign, giving hope of massive receipts for the highly anticipated second chapter (13 years).

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very good contract for barbaric, which on Friday raised another 1.4 million (-29%) and is therefore supposed to receive another 4.7 million over the weekend, for a total of 28.3 million. It’s certainly one of the most intriguing stories at the US box office in recent weeks, even if it’s just a title that looked set to open live on the platform. On the other hand, there is a strong drop (-55%, but it is normal for this type of product), marked by Pearl which raises $585,500 on Friday, with a weekend of $1.9 million, creating a provisional total of $7 million. Instead, there is an important milestone looming on the horizon Express train. In fact, thanks to $500,000 on Friday and a $1.8 million weekend, she’s now one step closer to a total of $100 million (with today’s results, it’s supposed to be 99.2 million).

Instead, it lost 47% on Friday ($570,000). See how they run, with a weekend of 1.79 million and a total of 5.99 million at the time. To be reported instead as Daydream Monajthe documentary about David Bowie, is expected to win $829,000 over the weekend and reach a total of 2.5 million, a significant number considering that in recent days it has lost almost all of Imax’s theaters.

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