Christmas and nougat, a perfect treat for the table

Christmas and nougat, a perfect treat for the table

he Nougat It is considered one of the most anticipated desserts at the time Nadal. It is a paste obtained by cooking honey and sugar. Roasted almonds, with or without peel, and various ingredients are added to this mass according to the expected tastes.

Nougat has always had a reputation for providing a lot of calories. But, eating it in moderation like any other food, if we analyze its ingredients in detail, we can confirm that nougat is healthier than we thought.

To arrive at this statement, of course, we must start with traditional nougat and not the alternatives or different versions created of this dessert. So, focusing on these two varieties, both Xixona nougat (soft) and Alicante nougat (hard) contain almonds (preferably the Marcona variety), pure honey (mostly orange blossom or rosemary), sugar and egg whites.

Although sugar is perhaps the least healthy of all, it is also true that it contains the lowest percentage, because in order for nougat to be certified as the highest quality, the Regulatory Council for the Appellation of Origin Xixona and Alicante predetermines the minimum percentages. Which should contain almonds (64%) and honey (12%).

We know, in and of itself, Multiple properties These two foods contain vitamins and minerals, in addition to providing us with essential fatty acids, which are very similar to those provided by oil. Because of all this, and because scientific studies show that the nutritional compensation of nougat is very balanced, we cannot help but put it on our tables this holiday season. Our taste buds will certainly thank us.

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Now that I know benefits Noga, A equation We can buy all tastes and flavors of the following sweets. Hurry and make your purchase now!

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