Sanremo, which makes shoes for Amadeus: Ray’s top management has finally decided | Who steals from the competition

Sanremo, which makes shoes for Amadeus: Ray’s top management has finally decided |  Who steals from the competition

SanremoThere is someone already ready to steal Amadeus’ place. Ray has made up his mind and will never come back.

These are definitely very special moments and at the same time full of great tension Amedeo Sebastiani Better known by the cute nickname Amadeus. We now see him every evening at the head of the Rai 1 game show, which awaits prime time broadcasts, Your job.

A few weeks ago, he made us have fun, get excited and dance with him Suzuki Arena He will definitely join us soon with the new version of The usual unknown. However, for now, as far as his character as a formidable professional is concerned, all eyes are on him Sanremo Festival 2024 It’s not that far.

He works on it with passion Extreme commitment, as well as constant motivation for almost a year in order to feed the many viewers spread all over the world, A noteworthy display. This year he is trying to do so with more refinement given that It will be the last Sanremo for him.

SanremoWho makes shoes for Amadeus is what Ray decided

He had already announced to the press some time ago that this would be the case For the fifth time in a rowbut also the latter, at least for the time being, who will play the dual, complex and fascinating role Artistic director and host. His fans, especially in the first hour, were very sad when they heard the news coming out of his mouth. And now They are sad In listening to another.

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Apparently There will be a nice person willing to do it for himas they say, the shoes. How is that possible? Now that there is very little left until the start of the match A well-known singing festival And he worked hard, so yesTat from the picture? however Ray has decided. He has no intention of taking a step back.


Fiorello’s powerful indiscretion

In fact, we are not talking about the 2024 version but about the next one, and therefore 2025. While rumors of this have spread in recent days Amadeus Perhaps he changed his mind and therefore decided to accept the company’s proposal Take care of festival For the sixth time Straight, here comes another very powerful indiscretion of Rosario FiorelloA great friend for life Patriotic love.

According to the Sicilian showman, he would be ready to take his place Sebastiani is good In 2025 A well-known face of Mediaset Networks, In particular, Channel 5. At this point on the web, it was beginning to be assumed that the most likely names could be names Jerry Scotti O Barbara Durso. Meanwhile, Rai announced that it will only make a decision on the matter by the end of November.

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