Lavrov says the US is preventing Ukraine from concluding a peace deal with Russia

Lavrov says the US is preventing Ukraine from concluding a peace deal with Russia

According to the Russian foreign minister, the United States “holds the hand” of the Ukrainian delegation dealing with negotiations with Moscow, preventing it from accepting the Kremlin’s minimal demands for peace.

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The Kremlin foreign minister said that the United States does not want Ukraine to conclude a peace agreement with Russia. Sergey Lavrov. According to the Moscow American diplomat,hand by hand“Ukrainian delegation in peace negotiations with Russia”,Prevent Kyiv from accepting the minimum demands of MoscowThen Lavrov added, according to Interfax: “We have always preferred a diplomatic solution to any problem when Zelensky suggested talks in the midst of hostilities, which our President agreed to. And so the talks began. This happened despite the fact that the Ukrainian delegation began to participate in it mostly only in an official way, so to speak.“.

Dialogue, according to Lavrov, was “With the passage of time“, even if there is from Russia”The permanent impression that the Ukrainian delegation is holding someone’s hand – The foreign minister insisted – Probably by the Americans, and prevented from approving the requests, which I find very insignificant“. During the same speech, Lavrov also closed the door to.”Request to send NATO peacekeeping forces to Ukraine‘It’s about’demagogy“.

Then the head of Moscow’s diplomacy came to the relationship with Beijing: “Interaction will be enhanced, given that the West is trampling on every pillar of the international system, and it is clear that we, the two superpowers, must think about how to move forward.And on the trading partners – primarily the West – Lavrov was icy:These countries are unreliable – explained – Of course, we remain open to cooperation with all countries, including Western countries, even if we do not propose any initiative given the current circumstances and the behavior of the West.“.

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