They steal our money under our noses

They steal our money under our noses

A scam that recently terrorized millions of citizens. The situations are amazing.

For years now we actually have to Read daily about the amazing scams against unsuspecting citizens. The web always keeps high tension with Kinds of tricks Which can somehow betray any good feeling for the victims who often ignore any kind of danger meticulously. The situation leaves you stunned, logical as it is.

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in a specific case On the web, we are aware of the fact that there are actually many types of scams that are periodically organized by attackers on duty to try to steal from unsuspecting victims, personal information And on top of all that money. The techniques, as mentioned, are numerous. The variety of approach scammers take causes users to feel uneasy, aware of the fact that they have more spots uncovered and uncovered. Absolutely clear.

The past few weeks have seen its formation A specific scam clearly terrified users who survived the scam. We are talking about terrorism, of course, because in this case we witnessed a relentless drying up of the checking accounts of thousands of citizens and customers of Poste Italiane. What happened is sillyas evidenced by the numerous complaints received at the Confconsumatori office in Massa Carrara. In the aforementioned case we are talking about huge Arithmetic problems Subtracted from the current accounts of Poste Italiane customers.

Current account scam: This is how the scam in question happens

Poste Italiane customers Those who resorted to the respective Confconsumatori counter all reported the same type of fraud. A phone call was received from the alleged Poste Italiane operator who reported receiving a new ATM card. The virtual operator is aware of all the information Regarding the client, the latter led to almost blindly trust. Deception in the details takes shape Just at that moment.

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Specifically, to deal with the cases presented By the same fraudulent clients, who then went to the various Poste Italiane offices to seek clarifications on the matter, at the moment it is the lawyer Francesca Galoniof Confconsumatori who stated: “These are very serious cases where there is serious liability and negligence. This is because third parties have been allowed to obtain sensitive personal data of Poste account holders. Allow anonymous people To be able to contact people directly, thereby misleading them, is due to the fact that new ATMs have come into the possession of third parties who were able to carry out fraudulent operations with them. Finally, the fact that Single operations carried out They are large sums with no checks due and required by law.”

Poste Italiane customers They asked for explanations from the various branches but they certainly did not receive the answers they had imagined. There is no explanation as to why these phone calls were made and how the bad guys were able to use certain information. the answers So they did not come And at this point, citizens who have lost even 15 or 20 thousand euros are ready to move. Withdrawals are made immediately after the ATM parties have taken possession of it From fraudulent clientsThat’s what scammers did. Try to make as much money as possible.

Indicators arranged at this point by Confconsumatori They are the following: “So beware of ATM holders that expire with Poste Italiane. Call the post office and do not pass any data to anyone over the phone.” For information and contacts, For those wishing to deepen the issue o Report any scams, 0585488643 3476302683 or send an email to [email protected]. Therefore, maximum alert Watch out for suspicious calls, strange and almost unlikely. Fraud is always around the corner.

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