Dead Roberto Brunetti, “Er Patata” actor in the “criminal novel” –

Dead Roberto Brunetti, “Er Patata” actor in the “criminal novel” –
From Rinaldo Fernani

The 55-year-old was found dead in his home, near Piazza Bologna, after his partner and some acquaintances who could not contact him sounded an alarm.

Still a tragedy in the entertainment world. the actor Roberto BrunettiThe 55-year-old, known as Ir Batata, was found dead late Friday evening at his home near Piazza Bologna in Rome. Some acquaintances as well as his partner sounded the alarm, who had not heard from him for some time and were worried. The police and 118 firefighters immediately intervened: for the Romanian representative, unfortunately, there was nothing to be done. The apartment was found in order on the body there will be no visible signs of violence, but the autopsy will establish with certainty the causes of death.

Er Patata’s fame owes to some very successful movies at the box office, first of all criminal novelBased on the book by Banda della Magliana and directed by Michele Placido, Brunetti plays Aldo Buffoni, the criminal who murdered Fredo (Kim Rossi Stewart in the film) because he’s guilty of sustaining drug seizures. Himself. potato The longtime companion of actress Monica Scatini, who passed away in 2015He has also starred in Leonardo Pieraccioni’s Fireworks and Neri Parenti’s Paparazzi, and in some fiction. In 2009 he was involved in a drug case: he was arrested after cannabis was found on a motorcycle with a friend in Trastevere.

During the search during the first phase of the investigation, investigators also found a narcotic substance such as cocaine in some rooms of the actor’s apartment. It was obtained by the real scientific police who have now undergone laboratory tests to determine the active ingredient in relation to what will appear from the autopsy. To understand whether it was actually the employment of a piece of knowledge that caused Brunetti’s deathstan

za Captured at home. Inside the house, two pieces of hashish and a delicate handle were found. Effects of cocaine on the table.

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