“They only have traces in the pocket.”

“They only have traces in the pocket.”

Minister of Health, Monica GarciaAccuse Pablo Moto Endangering citizens' health through advertisements Pseudomedical treatments. Specifically, it refers to a video clip featuring the director and presenterAnts Promoting a machine “Cell regeneration” Which they have in a special center in Alicante.

In the pictures that spread on social networks, Motos is promoting this device, which, according to him, is One of the most advanced in the world In this field. “It's the most machine summit“, he says, before making way for a doctor from this center.

However, the scientific community has questioned the validity of this type of treatment ever since They do not have strong scientific support.

Minister of Health

Monica García leaves based on Pablo Mutu's recommendations

In this sense, Mónica García criticized pseudo-treatments, whose effect is only “in the pocket”, at best, and emphasized that the lack of scientific evidence is not just a deception, but can also be a deception. Putting health at risk Citizenship.

“Fake cures only have it Effects in the pocket, perfect. “The lack of scientific evidence is not just deception: it can also endanger health,” he wrote on his personal page on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

With these words Garcia searches Make society aware And the importance of not falling into practices without scientific support.

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