“Due to a misunderstanding, I tried to defend the club’s property”

“Due to a misunderstanding, I tried to defend the club’s property”

Now ds former Grenade 360 ​​degree in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “I deserve the Champions League. What a pity that the quarrel with Raiola for Pogba …”

Architect with David Nicola resounding for salvation SalernoAnd the Walter Sabatini He left his position in DS due to a misunderstanding with the bomb chief ervolino And he wanted to give his own version of the facts in a long interview with Corriere della Sera Without hiding a certain regret over the end of the experience with the Campania club: “It is a sad ending to an adventure that has made us burst with joy. A painting by Caravaggio is smeared, but it is certainly not a splash of slime on canvas that can detract from a work of art. I look forward, look up.” I deserve to be clear at certain stages, the Champions League.”

Then he comes specifically to the reasons for his farewell: “All this is the son of a misunderstanding. CoulibalyAfter I made it to the headlines, I would have done it hundreds of times. I just tried to defend Salernitana’s assets, which were put at risk by a clause that the boy could free himself for €20,000 in class B and 1.7 million in A: an agreement I obviously didn’t make. The boss – very knowledgeable about everything, like the CEO of Milan – gave me the mandate to solve the problem because he never wanted to lose the player, and I contented myself with passing on the agents’ requests to him. He had to decide whether to accept them or lose Coulibaly. In the past, on the subject of commissions, I fought in principle, very noble but ultimately also harmful battles.”
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Sabatini spoke of one of these “fights” by saying a peculiar background: “I had terrible clashes with agents who were exaggerating. But, for example, I still blame myself when in the time of Rome I was in a bloody fight with the poor RaiolaBecause he came to ask me for a commission of 4 million on a very young man Pogba. We have offended each other, but today I am very sorry and I am convinced that I have done a colossal nonsense, for that was a moral process in the extreme, but in the end I would have brought to Rome enormous artistic and heritage value. I didn’t have the courage to do that.”

Then also a comment from an insider Our national team crisis: “It is above all a structural discourse. In Italy we are afraid of losing matches, so the armchair, the bench, etc. for the national team. If we do not overcome this cultural barrier, our football will be poorer and poorer.”

According to Lapatini, the talent to start over is right there: “Sure! skamka And the phratesi, “my” furthermore. There is also Zaniolo. All the people who play in the Premier League, and the captain of the tournament for many, not for me, playing the rookies all over the place. So Zaniolo is an animal, who has the ability to flip games on his own. Tonali? He’s already won a championship in Milan, I’m talking about those on the launch pad.”

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