February 3, 2023

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World Cup Finals, Round of 16: Portugal beat Switzerland without Cristiano Ronaldo. Morocco eliminates Spain after a penalty shootout – Football

Luis Enrique surprise: full-back Marcos Llorente

Luis Enrique It breaks another tactical boundary with a surprise Marcus Llorente Fullback: A team with almost no defenders, and Jeddah is a player who hasn’t played even a minute yet In this Globalism. “I always go in search of the game, the show and the dribbling. And I’m not going to change my mind”: No Spain coachAnd he kept his word. in The starting lineup against the Morocco In fact, there is only one central defender La Portein addition to the left back Jordi AlbaWhich is known for its offensive characteristics. The other two are in the line of four, in front of the goalkeeper Unai SimonTwo midfielders. to me Rodri Marcos Llorente, midfielder of Atletico Madrid, who played in defense other times in his career, but did not fit into the hierarchy of La Roja’s full-backs: in front of him there will be two full-time defenders, Carvajal Real Madrid f Azpilicueta Chelsea, who has rotated so far. Luis Enrique will likely want to take advantage of Llorente’s physique and running, which has been reported as one of the best QU athletic tests. The fact remains that Barcelona’s midfield trio is very certain Javi Busquets PedriThere is still a growing team of settlers: in fact, in the attack, it is still the role of the trio Ferran Torres Asensio Olmowith Asensiofalse nueve e Morata On the bench, despite the 3 goals out of 3 matches (only one goal from the start, and another with Japan). Once again, Luis Enrique challenges me Themethe clichés he ridiculed before this match without appeal with Morocco (From our Enrico Currò).

Spain’s Luis Enrique on attack: “My obsession is the match, the result worries me zero”

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By our correspondent Enrico Coro