CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO (CS) – Barbascura fascinates the audience with her science for everyone

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO (CS) – Barbascura fascinates the audience with her science for everyone

Not only thousands of followers. Barbascura X, chemist, science communicator, comedian, writer, author, TV presenter for Dmax, Rai, Comedy Central, stage performer, bestselling author with numerous reprints, Italian singer-songwriter and Youtuber impress Literally the audience, who came in droves, in Corigliano Rossano’s Piazza Compagna.

And he, who is considered one of the most influential science communicators on the web, has also not left out from the discussions with the public. Between fun interactions, inevitable smiles, laughter and reflections.

Everything You Didn’t Want To Know About Sex And Didn’t Know You Feared, An irreverent journey into the most bizarre and uncomfortable ways of mating in the animal kingdom. Oddities, acrobatics, passions, and betrayals are rigorously narrated,” which is basically his critically acclaimed show.

Barbascura also lingered on “Ugly Science,” the famous and irreverent series of popular science on nature in satirical sauce. “Beastly Love” is a hit in theaters all over Italy. So also in Corigliano-Rossano with an interesting and fresh show suitable for an audience of all ages, albeit always dealing with popular science topics.

The show was organized by Piano B, in association with Gf Entertainment, for “Exit. Diversions in Art and Music ”and is part of the Coro Teatro & Cultura program promoted by the Municipal Administration of Corigliano-Rossano.

For the quality of the show and the plurality of artistic expressions, the innovation, the qualification of skills, the interaction between live entertainment and the cultural, educational and touristic chain established by the organization, “Exit. Diversions in Art and Music ”is recognized by the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the Individual Fund for Leisure and by the Region of Calabria under Development and Cohesion Plan 6.02.02 and promoted by the Extraordinary Calabria brand.

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To get acquainted with the program and the times of the performances, and for a permanent update, the page dedicated to the festival can be followed on Facebook and Ig. (sC.S)

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