Sampdoria – Modena 2-2: Final score and highlights

Sampdoria – Modena 2-2: Final score and highlights
  • From Sampdoria – Modena, everything, see you in the next Serie B matches!18:16

  • Pirlo's team is back again and is not completely clear of the relegation zone, with the visitors temporarily reaching the playing zone.18:15

  • Halftime to one, Sampdoria, who finished the first half with a score of 2-0, recovered Modena in the second half with two penalty kicks from Palumbo.18:14

  • 90'+6'

    Sampdoria ends – Modena! 2-2 final!18:13

  • 90'+5'

    Di Luca does not control the maximum, and Samp's last chance disappears as well.18:12

  • 90'+4'

    Samped closing forward, Modena too low.18:09

  • 90'+3'

    Very little has been played in this recovery as well, due to injuries and goalkeepers' delayed returns.18:08

  • 90'+2'

    Simon Santoro warning. Foul on Yebes, another yellow card in the match. 18:08

  • 90'+1'

    Six minutes of stoppage time.18:06

  • 90'

    Fabio Abioso warned. Do so in return for a generous tip. 18:06

  • 89'

    A significant rebound is expected, including substitutions and interruptions to VAR.18:04

  • 87'

    Sampdoria substitutions: Agustin Alvarez comes on and Samuel Ntanda comes on.18:03

  • 86'

    Substitution in Modena: Ettore Gliosi exits and Luca Magnino enters.18:02

  • 85'

    Substitution in Modena: Thomas Battistella comes off and Lorenzo Di Stefano comes on.18:01

  • 84'

    Mistake in the Abioso attack, every whistle from Capote is now a protest.17:59

  • 82'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Modena 2-2 Penalty kick from Antonio Palumbo. The midfielder crosses strongly, Stankovic understands everything but does not get there.

    Check out Antonio Palumbo's player profile17:58

  • 82'

    The penalty was confirmed, with Palumbo still in place.17:57

  • 81'

    VAR check to check if touch has occurred: Teams are waiting in the arenas.17:56

  • 80'

    Penalty kick for Modena! Capote concedes another penalty kick after Stojanovic's touch on Kotali.17:56

  • 78'

    The sparks are still on the field, and it's not an easy game to manage for Capote.17:54

  • 76'

    Kotali was immediately dangerous, his low cross blocked by Darboe.17:52

  • 74'

    Sampdoria, already suffering from a defensive emergency, also loses Piccini: Leoni enters.17:50

  • 72'

    Substitution for Sampdoria, with Sebastiano Esposito leaving and Ibrima Darboe entering.17:49

  • 72'

    Substitution for Sampdoria, with Cristiano Piccini leaving and Giovanni Leoni entering.17:49

  • 71'

    Substitution in Modena: Fabio Ponce exits and Matteo Cotali enters.17:48

  • 71'

    Substitution in Modena: Niccolò Corrado comes on and Simone Santoro comes on.17:48

  • 70'

    Another contact in the Samp area, Modena protests: But all eyes are on Piccini, who requests a substitution due to injury.17:46

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  • 68'

    The goal against Modena was disallowed! Gliozzi hits the crossbar with a header and Battistella puts it into the goal, but Capote cancels it out due to a mistake in the midfielder's attack on Gonzalez.17:44

  • 67'

    Modena pushes and Sampdoria faces difficulty in this second half.17:42

  • 65'

    Gerard Yepes warning. A tactical error by the midfielder stops Battistella's counterattack: The midfielder is booked. 17:41

  • 65'

    Offense! Cross from Ponce, arriving early at the near post: the ball went wide of the goal.17:40

  • 63'

    There is great danger for Esposito, who protested from the beginning of the match and did not stop even after the yellow card.17:39

  • 62'

    Warning Sebastiano Esposito. Yellow for edge protests. 17:38

  • 60'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Modena 2-1 Goal from a penalty kick by Antonio Palombo. The midfielder kicks the ball into the middle, and Stankovic touches it with his foot but does not reach it.17:36

  • 59'

    Substitution for Sampdoria, with Fabio Depaoli leaving and Petar Stojanovic entering.17:36

  • 59'

    It's a punishment for Modena! Capote goes to review the photos looking for Piccini's handball on Abiosu's shot: finally he points to the penalty spot!17:34

  • 58'

    DePaoli is on the ground and play stops. Meanwhile, VAR checks for a tackle on Abiosu.17:33

  • 56'

    Modena protests due to contact in the area and Abioso falls to the ground: Capote can continue playing.17:32

  • 55'

    Girly with dribbling and shooting, Yepes closing.17:31

  • 54'

    Fabio Depaoli warning. Wait for Gliozzi, the yellow one for the Sampdoria captain. 17:30

  • 52'

    Pirlo is not happy with his team's start, Doriana's team is under pressure.17:28

  • 50'

    Modena restart, Abioso in the middle for the onrushing Palumbo: controlled control by the midfielder facilitating Piccini's tackle.17:27

  • 48'

    Modena starts strong, and Sampdoria is on the defensive.17:24

  • 46'

    The second half begins!17:21

  • Sampdoria leads 2-0 thanks to goals from Gonzalez from a corner kick and Alvarez from long range. Modena, who came close to taking the initiative, but suffered after two defects.17:07

  • 45'+5'

    The first half of Sampdoria – Modena ends! 2-0 partial score.17:06

  • 45'+4'

    Antonio Palumbo warning. A strong, late tackle from the midfielder brought down Esposito. 17:06

  • 45'+3'

    Modena closes down the attack in search of the goal to reopen the match.17:05

  • 45'
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    Four minutes of stoppage time.17:02

  • 44'

    Battistella! Regarding the corner developments, when the midfielder reaches the far post he only finds himself outside the goal.17:00

  • 43'

    Palumbo! Great shot from the edge of the playmaker, Stankovic extends it and puts it in the corner.17:00

  • 41'

    Qasimi Cross! Deducing from the edge of the midfielder, Ciculin pushes the ball to the goal post.16:59

  • 40'

    Thomas Battistella Warning. An eye-catching strike from the midfielder, the first yellow card of the match.16:56

  • 38'

    A wonderful ball from Corrado to Abiosu, and in the last minute Gonzalez manages to send Stankovic with a header.16:54

  • 35'

    Sampdoria doubled the lead, and Modena found themselves two goals down despite a good game.16:51

  • 33'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Modena 2-0 Goal by Agustin Alvarez. Doriano's first goal is for the striker, who stops at the border and shoots her with a shot from her right foot that approaches the post.

    Check out Agustín Álvarez's player profile16:50

  • 32'

    Di Luca had only touched very few balls up to this point, with the striker being poorly served by his teammates.16:47

  • 30'

    A turban for a defender who leaves the field temporarily.16:45

  • 29'

    Piccini on the ground after an involuntary blow: the defender is bleeding, play is stopped.16:44

  • 27'

    Palumbo shoots Abioso, and Stankovic understands everything and expects the party.16:43

  • 25'

    Esposito loses a bloody ball in his own area, Gliozzi does not take advantage of it and only gets a corner kick.16:41

  • 24'

    Modena's response: Free kick from the right side taken by Palumbo, rebound.16:41

  • 21'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Modena 1-0 Goal by Facundo Gonzalez. Corner for Sampdoria, the defender at the far post jumps higher than anyone and beats an uncertain Ciculin.

    Check out Facundo González's player profile16:38

    Facundo GonzalezFacundo Gonzalez
  • 21'

    Offense! A powerful shot from the top of the goal, the ball went wide of the goal.16:36

  • 19'

    Sekoline again! Another save from Alvarez, and now it's Sampdoria time.16:36

  • 18'

    Alvarez! Header from Doriano and Ciculin bounces into the corner!16:35

  • 17'

    Free kick taken by Esposito, it hits the wall.16:33

  • 16'

    Esposito on the edge of the penalty area: Free kick from a dangerous position from the edge of the penalty area for Sampdoria.16:32

  • 15'

    Gliozzi again, the striker tries a difficult back kick, and hits Depaoli full in the face.16:30

  • 13'

    A spark breaks out between Esposito and Battistella, and Capote still asks for calm.16:28

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  • 12'

    Good moment for Modena, Sampdoria suffers from the Canaries' counter-attacks.16:27

  • 11'

    Abiosu has space to shoot but unloads on Gliozzi, and Piccini understands everything.16:27

  • 10'

    Gliozi! Modena again, Palumbo fires the ball at his striker who shoots powerfully from the edge but wide of the target.16:26

  • 8'

    Battistella! Right-footed shot from long range by the midfielder, but the ball is wide of the goal.16:23

  • 7'

    A wonderful ball from Corrado to Gliozzi. The striker controls it and shoots, but Piccinini blocks it.16:23

  • 6'

    Palumbo with an involuntary knee to the back of Kasami's head, the game is still on hold.16:22

  • 5'

    Espesto goes down with a kick, Modena gets subdued. Referee Capote asked the striker to calm down, as he was protesting against the referee not blowing the whistle.16:21

  • 4'

    Low cross from Depaoli, hole from Kuze, and Zaro watches Di Luca.16:20

  • 2'

    A real trident for Sampdoria, with De Luca in the middle, Esposito on the left, Alvarez on the right.16:18

  • 1'

    Sampdoria – Modena starts!16:16

  • The referee of the match is Maria Ferreri Capote.16:08

  • The next match will be the tenth match in Serie B between Sampdoria and Modena: a positive result for Blucherchiati, who has so far recorded five victories in the previous nine, compared to only two defeats and two draws.16:08

  • Bianco with Gliozzi and Abioso as Girlie's forward mentor, and Palumbo in the midfielder role – the attacking midfielder. Ponce and Corrado are two-fifths of the midfield.16:08

  • Pirlo finds Sebastiano Esposito and puts him in from the first minute, with De Luca as the first striker, and Alvarez succeeds him. DePaoli and Gonzalez are the full-backs.16:07

  • Modena lineup: Modena (3-5-2-): Ciculin – Riccio, Zaro, Coz – Ponce, Battistella, Gerli, Palumbo, Corrado – Gliozzi, Abioso.16:05

  • The official lineup for the match: Sampdoria (4-3-2-1), Stankovic – De Paoli, Piccini, Gonzalez, Giordano – Casami, Yepes, Askildsen – Alvarez, Esposito – Di Luca.16:05

  • Sampdoria, led by Pirlo Modena, hosts at the Marassi Stadium in this match in the 23rd round of the Second Division: the home team has 26 points, four points clear of the qualifying zone, and the visitors are on 31 points, one point clear of the qualifying zone.16:04

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Luigi Ferraris
    City: Genoa
    Capacity: 36,685 spectators16:04

    Luigi FerrarisLuigi FerrarisFonti: Getty Images
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