Giallorossi buses attacked disabled people after the derby

Giallorossi buses attacked disabled people after the derby

Among the accidents that occurred near the Olympic Stadium during Capital derby between Roma and LazioThere was also the incident in which a bus transporting a group of people home was the victim Giallorossi fans with disabilities.

Rome-Lazio derby, shameful raid on a bus for disabled fans

This also happens unfortunately. Not just them Clashes between ultras no Paper bombs It was titled the police who avoided the worst before the start of the match, but also a Minibus raid used to allow Disabled fans To attend your favorite team's match. The incident was reported byArvalia, the company that, in cooperation with Roma, sponsors the escort of disabled Giallorossi fans to the stadium and then back home. The truck was the victim of AAttack at the end of the derby between Roma and Laziowon 1-0 over the team From Russian Thanks to Mancini's goal Before the end of the first half.

What happened to the bus carrying Roma fans?

“Every Sunday we bring some disabled Roma fans in wheelchairs to the stadium to give them the opportunity to enjoy their team not from home but directly in the Stadio Olimpico – the Civil Protection Company wrote on Facebook. Unfortunately on this occasion (the Roma-Lazio derby) Someone who doesn't have the bare minimum of brains or even humanityHa One of the vehicles was damaged Which we use to donate this service, which causes us very great damage. This is a damage that our members will have to pay through self-financing.”

Roma, vandal raid will not stop service targeting disabled fans

Arvalia continued writing on social media: “We are sure and certain of one thing, that violent and stupid fans represent a really small portion, but unfortunately they cause damage and news.” But the company confirms:What happened will not prevent us from continuing To provide a service to those who find it very difficult to go to the stadium because they are in a wheelchair. We will continue to help them, because only together we can fight ignorance, violence and stupidity, and only together can we give joy and happiness. Long live solidarity sports.”

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