Facebook launches multiple profiles: how it works

Facebook launches multiple profiles: how it works

Facebook is going all out with the new Multi Profiles, already available in Italy, which allows you to link multiple profiles within the same user account.

Multiple profiles with one account: It is the latest innovation launched by it half To activate Facebooka historic social network now (it will do so next year 20 years) and with an increasingly younger audience. novelty Multiple profiles It is already active on almost all Italian profiles and can be used especially by those who stay away from Facebook due to too much chaos caused by the long series of “friends“Accumulated over the years.

If used well, multiple Facebook profiles can help the user Increase the level of privacy Overcoming the inconvenient action of friend lists, which requires a lot of work to maintain its effectiveness and, for this reason, has not achieved much success among users of the social network.

What is the benefit of multiple profiles on Facebook?

The idea behind Multiple profiles on Facebook It is to allow users, in a simple way, to create a file Additional profile linked to the master key, and they use it for their preferred purposes.

For example, you can create Work profileso that what we publish can be seen exclusively by colleagues, clients or other people related to our field of work: we will publish photos of the dog and children in the main profile, for only friends and relatives to see, and comments on professional topics we will publish in the work profile, so as not to bore the same friends and relatives.

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All this can be done today by dividing our Facebook friends even more Listsbut a completely unintuitive, uncomfortable and arduous procedure is required.

With me Multiple profilesHowever, “different”a personality“For the user, among other things, the risk of disseminating the wrong content to the wrong audience is also limited.

How to create multiple profile on Facebook

First of all, a hypothesis: it is possible to create it New profile every 72 hoursA maximum four In total, otherwise real factories for illegal purposes would be established immediately.

to Create a new profilelinked to our already existing Facebook account, simply click on our profile picture and choose “Create a new profile“.

At this stage we will be able to choose the name that we will display to the public, the username (@mariorosi) and all other details of a regular Facebook profile like personal picture And theCover Photo.

New profile at first He will have no friends: Those in the starting profile Not imported Automatically and we need to send new friend requests to everyone we want as friends in the second (third, fourth…) profile.

We may also have friends on connected profiles that we don’t have on the main profile. Furthermore, if we delete a friend who is on multiple profiles, the cancellation will be valid for only one profile at a time. So if we have Same friend on multiple profiles We will have to delete it from all profiles.

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Each new profile opens with your settings Default privacy, which can then be changed independently. We will be able, for example, to maintain a personal profile.”Armored“And it works perfectly.”Opens“.

Until the Notifications Coming from different profiles will remain separate, even on mobile devices.

Multiple Facebook Profiles: Limits

At this moment I am Multiple profiles on Facebook They have some border It is not known whether it will be exceeded in the future. For example it cannot be used messenger With additional profiles, but only with the original file.

You can’t even use it Facebook Market, Dating via FacebookI Payments And the Professional mode With additional profiles.

Of these limits, the only one that will definitely be crossed is the one related to it messenger Which will be enabled in additional profiles for “Eligible adult accounts“.

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