Kia Sportage Technical and Dimensions Sheet Reviews 1.6 CRDi MHEV GT-line DCT

Kia Sportage Technical and Dimensions Sheet Reviews 1.6 CRDi MHEV GT-line DCT

Comfortable and safe

this is Kia Sportage It stands out for its original and bold streak. And once you’re on board, you’ll feel really comfortable. The abundance of space is accompanied by many amenities: from a three-zone “climate” to electric armchairs, to heated seats (including a sofa). On the other hand, the small pockets in the doors and the practicality of some controls, such as the electronic parking brake, that emergency passengers cannot identify, should be reviewed. Safety equipment and Adas are also well-respected: Level II semi-autonomous driving as standard. The diesel-light hybrid version of our test consumes little (17.8 km/l measured); With 136 horsepower, the liveliness is good, the ride between the curves is safe and the suspension comfort is high, although the test version did not include electronically controlled shock absorbers (standard for the more expensive GT-line plus).

“Comfort friend”, in addition to spirited driving, as well as the automatic dual-clutch transmission of Kia Sportage 1.6 CRDi. The lightweight hybrid system (also available for the 150 hp Sportage petrol engine and the 1.6 petrol as an alternative to the full and plug-in hybrid versions) combines the internal combustion engine with a small 16.5 hp electric generator connected to the former via a belt. In addition to starting the four-cylinder engine, faster and with less vibration than a conventional starting engine, it supports it in acceleration, which reduces fuel consumption. It is an AC unit, powered by a 48V lithium polymer battery adapter. At idling, the 48-volt battery is charged by exploiting the kinetic energy transmitted by the wheels to the 1.6 crankshaft (and thus, to the engine’s generator). From the latter, the second transformer takes power to charge the classic 12V complex for on-board services.

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there Kia Sportage It is guaranteed for seven full years (versus the two years required by law), or 150,000 km. Only batteries, including 48V mild hybrid batteries, are covered for 24 months. Safety systems are well supplied, which contributed to a five-star rating in the Euro NCAP tests conducted in 2022. We note, for example, that emergency braking remains non-existent at intersections, which reduces the risk of accidents when driving. at an intersection.

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