Science, a tree-derived compound against drug-resistant bacteria

Science, a tree-derived compound against drug-resistant bacteria

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Thehydroquininea natural compound found in different types of plants and used to malaria treatment, It can also be used to counter a range of bacterial threats, including drug-resistant organisms. This is suggested by a study published in the journal Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseasesconducted by scholars fromUniversity of Portsmouth, Naresuan University, Rajabhat Pebulsong Kram University, Thailand. team led by Robert Baldock, Discover the effects of hydroquinine in a series of experiments. Experts explain that antimicrobial resistance has become one of the biggest threats to public health globally, and it occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites do not respond to medications, making the fight against infection more complex.

We showed that hydroquinine was able to kill many microorganisms – according to Baldock’s report – at the same time, we discovered one of the main mechanisms used by multidrug-resistant bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa. By studying this compound further, we hope to develop an effective treatment line to fight infection.” “In the next steps — comments Jirapas Jongjitwimol from Naresuan University’s Department of Medical Technology — we hope to discover the molecular target of hydroquinine. This will help in our understanding of how the compound works against pathogenic bacteria and how it can be used in the clinical setting. “

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