“Dancing with the Stars” Ricky Tognazzi insults everyone backstage: The judge is being mocked!

“Dancing with the Stars” Ricky Tognazzi insults everyone backstage: The judge is being mocked!

to Dancing with the Stars backstage It has turned into a battlefield. Ricky Tognazzi insulted one of the referees!

Dancing with the Stars, Ricky Tognazzi is crushing everyone backstage

The new version of Dancing with the Stars gives viewers a healthy dose of entertainment, enhanced with a touch of excess that can be an interesting element in a talent show. However, The terrain they move on Participants are slippery, and the fine line between pleasure and inappropriateness can become very blurry in an instant. While honesty is certainly appreciated, respect for colleagues and jurors should always remain at the heart of the action. Ricky Tognazzi appears to have done just that This basic principle was momentarily lostIt probably requires a reminder of proper protocol, as everyone on the web has commented.

In the latest episode of Rai1, Selvagia Lucarelli turned his attention to actor and director Ricky Tognazzi, Urge him to show some distance From himself behind the umbilical cord that inexorably connects him to his wife, Simona Iso. The relationship between the writer from Civitavecchia and the Romanian actress is certainly not ideal, but it seems that dance partner Toffee Villefort has… I took the juror’s advice seriously.

Dancing with the Stars (Image via ANSA).

However, the way he chose to respond was not appropriate at all. A video clip taken from the scenes of the Mille Carlucci program revealed that Tognazzi was involved in a heated confrontation with Giovanni Terzi, and the target of the debate was Guillermo Marioto. the The judge is guilty by assigning a critical degree In Simona Ventura’s performance, it was the subject of harsh criticism from the competitor.

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Tognazzi attacked Judge Mariotto backstage

The hateful epithets used by Tognazzi to describe Marioto were scathing and undiplomatic, claiming the Venezuelan judge’s mind was a complete mess. The spark ran through The third episode of Dancing with the StarsWhen Marioto commented negatively on the performance of Tognazzi and Tove Villefort. It seems that the attack has gone beyond the limits of professional criticism, and has turned into something resembling a public dispute.

Try to Highlight the situationTognazzi even imagined fantasy scenarios, including romantic triangles with his wife, Iso, and dancer Villefort during a fantasy buffet. A fantasy that seems to have been followed by a deep sleep. This case is certainly not the brightest moment in the 57-year-old’s career, but the accusation that he has “lost his mind” seems like a step too far.

What will they decide about Dancing with the Stars?

For those wondering if the actor would be in danger of being evicted, it’s important to note that no one has been removed from the dance floor because of a heated encounter with the judge, even if it was a heated one. Otherwise, Selvagia Lucarelli would have significantly reduced the cast in each version of the show. there Tension between the heroes It could promise an exciting episode, as the audience waits to see how the dynamics on stage and behind the scenes will resolve.

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