The village of Brancaleone Vitus is present at the 21st edition of the Genoa Science Festival – Eco della Locide

The village of Brancaleone Vitus is present at the 21st edition of the Genoa Science Festival – Eco della Locide

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An important landmark is the urban archaeological site of Brancalione Vetus, located among the villages selected and selected by the organizers of the 21st Genoa Science Festival held from October 26 to November 5 in the city of Liguria. The exhibition that focused attention was entitled: Extreme Events Leave Their Marks. The “Virtual Tour in the Villages of Italy” was held inside the Royal Palace – Falcone Theater and witnessed the participation of more than 700 students from primary, secondary and high schools. The results of the twenty-first session of the Science Festival, which recorded during the period from Thursday, October 26 to Sunday, November 5, 2023, 200 thousand participants, in which 300 scientists and prominent figures from all over the world and 350 bodies, associations, companies and publishers participated. The program consists of 239 events, divided into 97 conferences. 86 workshops, 26 exhibitions, 3 performances and 27 special events.

From the website, where the exhibition is still visible, we read:

The powerful earthquake that shook southern Italy in 1908 left an indelible mark on several villages in Calabria. The severe damage to old houses, combined with the influx of migration towards the coasts in those years, led many residents of the small village of Brancaleone, in the province of Reggio Calabria, to abandon their homes. Finally, the flood of 1953 also forced the last remaining residents to move downstream where there were inhabited centers equipped with basic services such as water and electricity. Brancaleone is a very old village. It was founded around the 5th and 6th centuries. M by Christian monks fleeing the persecution they were subjected to in Greece, Syria and Cappadocia. They found refuge in the characteristic small caves found in Calabria’s Aspromonte. The village is located in a strategic location relative to sea level and the surrounding valley. It was the target of many influential families in the area, and took its name from the last family to control it. So far, the old church of Maria SS Annunziata at the gates of the village has been rebuilt, and thanks to the work of Brancaleone Pro Loco and volunteers, these redevelopment works now encourage the return of tourists and curious people, bringing life back to the village. Magnificent ruins of an ancient Calabrian village.

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Words of Brancaglione President Pro Loco:

It is a source of pride and gratitude for us to have this opportunity to inform the world about Brancaleon and how it is evolving.

The video contribution we made to the organization is a testament to how over the years we have tried and are still trying to combat the natural degradation of this place, fully aware that alongside volunteer work, there is and will be a need for more attention on the part of the international community. Bodies responsible for protecting rural landscapes and archaeological and archaeological assets. What we volunteers can do today is to promote, through these small but big actions, a feeling of “community” around these issues that draws public attention to the enormous work “in progress” that is being carried out at Branchelion Vetus, knowing that all of this will achieve great results. And important in the future. As “the heritage community of Brancaleone” – says Pro Loco President Carmine Verduci – we are grateful to those who wanted to bring Brancaleone to this festival that today more than ever works to make this reality of ours known to as many people as possible. History, culture, historical vicissitudes and anthropological heritage are of vital importance for understanding the contexts and developing actions able to protect our historical baggage following potential actions able to increase interest and achieve a “sense of belonging” that must never disappear. Outside.

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