Dacia Duster 2022-2023 comes to repeat and beat the success of previous SUVs

Dacia Duster 2022-2023 comes to repeat and beat the success of previous SUVs

internally known under code P1310, Dacia Duster 2022-2023 It will be based on the CMF-B technical platform of the Dacia Sandero, but in an elongated version to provide all the amenities needed for a family-friendly car. A modern chassis will open the doors to hybridization for the new Duster.

The SUV will benefit from the new 1.8 E-Tech, an evolution of the existing 1.6 E-Tech, which will be available as a hybrid. Diesel will soon become a thing of the past for Duster, which he will do without in this third generation. The range will also include the new 1.2 TCe (HR12) three-cylinder engine along with the 48V micro-hybrid.

  • What to expect from the new Dacia Duster 2022-2023

  • Dacia Duster 2022-2023, important changes

What to expect from the new Dacia Duster 2022-2023

The third generation of Romanian SUV is sure to enter the modern era by taking advantage of the modern platform of the current one Renault Captur.

The adoption of the CMF-B tech base, which Sandero and Jogger recently enjoyed, will be synonymous with the non-rechargeable hybrid of the new Duster, based on the 1.8 E-Tech derived from the current 1.6 opened by the Clio hybrid.

The unknown remains about the technical solution that will benefit from it Four-wheel drive. It’s hard to imagine Dacia engineers relying on a rechargeable hybrid using an electric motor to move the rear axle.

In terms of style, you have to take into account a huge revolution, with Radically different aesthetic icons of those offered by the brand. However, the Dacia Bigster concept introduced earlier this year paved the way.

Dacia Duster owes a lot to the Bigster. The production cart will be based on wheels of smaller diameter. In detail, the front door handles and outside mirrors will be identical to the front door handles and outside mirrors Dacia Sandero.

The rear doors will benefit from the black painted elements integrated into the C-pillar. In the flat part between the bottom of the rear window and the license plate seat is a Dacia writing embossed on the paper, looking a bit like on the side of the truck.

Dacia Duster 2022-2023, important changes

The Dacia Duster 2022-2023 side window will be shorter than the Bigster Concept’s side window and the lower part rises two-thirds higher than the tailgate.

Like its predecessors, it will accommodate only 5 passengers. The larger capacity, 7 people, now essential in a range of SUVs, will be a prerogative of Dacia Bigster The series that will complete the launch in 2025.

The latter will therefore focus on the more impressive rear section and a more vertical window, two measures necessary to accommodate two additional seats in the third row. All without changing the step length to avoid additional development costs.

So the new Duster will have a It looks more powerful than its predecessors, which enhances his spirit as an effective adventurer. In this he is helped by versions that are always equipped with all-wheel drive.

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