Official Sunday: Will Mara Venier be there?

Official Sunday: Will Mara Venier be there?

The season still going on at Domenica In is a very successful one thanks to beloved host Mara Venier and very famous and important guests. From the final episode of Rai Uno’s Sunday Lobby, official news has arrived about the name for next year.

for several years Sunday in It is among the most popular and followed schedules opinion. Mara Venere She is undoubtedly the undisputed Sunday Lady, in her casual and welcoming ways he turned His program in the living room Where guests feel comfortable trusting each other and the audience feels at home with a relative or friend.

A very successful formula, as evidenced by Listen To the stars of the current version of Sunday at. Despite the success of the program, it was for some time Mara Venere He talks about it a lot You want to leave the program To be able to devote himself more to himself emotions so is family.

On the April 10 episode of last year, Aunt Maraas she is affectionately called fan And colleaguesAnnounce the name of who we will see when running Sunday in Next year.

Dominica V: Conducting Next Year

21:30 & # 8211;  Official Sunday: Will Mara Venier be there?

It is now impossible to imagine Sunday in without Mara Venere And without the welcoming atmosphere that I was only able to re-create in the studies of this program that has molded itself over the years increasingly.

Precisely for this reason, despite the fact that the presenter has often expressed her desire to leave running the Sunday parlor in order to devote herself more to a private life, You’ll be on top of Dominica Inn for another year.

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It was the same ad Mara Veneer, During the interview with jovanotti It happened in the last episode of the show. Inviting him to return to the studio as well in the next release, the introduction revealed that she is Also confirmed for next year:

Come here again next year. I will do Dominica again next yearNow, I said it publicly. I’ve said it now, I’ve said it here.

An evening to celebrate Domenica In

21:30 & # 8211;  Official Sunday: Will Mara Venier be there?

In the meantime, to celebrate the great success of the current season Sunday ina wonderful special evening dedicated to Mara Venere and its programme.

Sunday in In fact, he will exceptionally move to Friday night The next day May 27to become a real prime-time show for opinion One.

At the helm, of course, we’ll see Mara Veneer, but there will be many guests who will be welcomed and interviewed throughout the evening. An unmissable date for it, l fan from Aunt Mara and its creator Living room Sunday.

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