Cyclocross World Championship in the United States: 5th in Venturelli Juniors

Blue’s good performance finishing from British backstead, 1’09 “winner in Foytville. Belgium hat-trick for under-23s

Relying on British Zo Backstead predictions, she won the women’s juniors race at the Cyclocross World Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. After a good win in the team relay, a test run won by Italy, today we started with the official plan. Backsted two Dutch Leoni Bentweld, second, and Lauren Molengraaf ahead. Ella McLean Howell is fourth than our Federica Venturelli, who finished 1’09. He was in competition for the blue medal until he reached 9 seconds from the podium. “We have some regrets because we believed in it. In the words of cross coach Daniel Pontoni – as you know, we also accept Corvey’s decision to come to the United States yesterday. Hat-trick players: Joran Vicer ahead of Emil Verstringe and Thibaut Niss, 13th Samuel Leone, 18th David Donetti.

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