Eight tons of hashish in two drug gangs, the largest seizure in recent years in Catalonia

Customs control ship leaves the port of Palamos loaded with hashish. According to TV3, this morning’s patrol gave them good results. They were at sea when they discovered this Two drug launches off the coast of Maresme. They started a chase. At the same time they gave notice to the Mossos for support on the ground.

Using the more flexible auxiliary boat, they were able to redirect one of the drug boats to shore on the Mataro coast. The residents have fled. Parallel to those of other narcolancha They were throwing hashish into the sea To gain more speed and escape. They were able to leave, but without taking too many drugs.

Citizen security in the Mossos d’Esquadra acted from the ground and Customs control collected the parcels by sea.

The most important confiscation in recent years

It is possible that the amount seized could reach eight tons of hashish, which is what is supposed to be The most important in recent years in Catalonia.

there Increase in cannabis access By sea in Catalonia. It was discovered by the Civil Guard about four years ago in the Tarragona and Ebro Delta region.

Since then, various police and security forces have been active in the south, center and on the Costa Brava. Some packages are brought in by drug boats, others by yachts or fishing boats.

They come directly from North Africa They cross the Mediterranean Sea to here, where organized crime structures responsible for drug trafficking and distribution are located.

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The customs control ship leaves the port of Palamos after the operation (Josep Vares Marco)

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