Revenue Agency, Incoming Messages: Whom It May Concern

Revenue Agency, Incoming Messages: Whom It May Concern

Some taxpayers are about to receive a friendly notice from the Revenue Agency for more than they expected


starts again, in fact, work From tax collection. After nearly two years of extending and suspending late payments, the Revenue Agency has restarted tax bills not fulfilled. Millions of Italians participate in this. On paper, the group will be soft, but given the ongoing health emergency and consequent economic crisis, it’s hard to receive a letter from the taxpayer with a smile.

Among the adjustments envisaged in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, there is also the dispatch of friendly notices by the Revenue Agency. The agency always sends these letters For taxpayers whose tax returns show anomalies. But from this year I checkups they will be More stringent that they Orders will increase. The government’s plan, in fact, is to increase by 30% Send friendly notifications by the revenue agency. Thus, the goal is to increase receipts for automatic fulfillment by 20%.

Revenue Agency, who will receive the notice

personal income tax

L ‘revenue agency The data has since been analyzed 2017 employment. They should expect a good-natured notice From the revenue agency all those who have deleted The data or filling it out in the declaration of abnormal data. All of these taxpayers will likely receive the letter from the agency in the coming months.

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Hence, those whose ad offers some abnormalityThey will soon have to settle their debts with the Revenue Agency. The advice, if a letter of this kind arrives, is to do so Check by an expert or a Business Consultant. They are not uncommon mistakes, and a professional, who has been analyzing data since 2017, can easily see this. If it is determined that the missed payments are incorrect, this is necessary Report it as soon as possible to the agency electronically as well.

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