How to change the file extension with your iPad? Few steps to make it compatible with everyone

How to change the file extension with your iPad?  Few steps to make it compatible with everyone
How to change a file extension –

Downloading an app or file that cannot be read by the iPad is definitely a hassle, especially if the content is required for study, work, or urgent practice.

Knowing how to change a file’s extension to make it readable by your smartphone can really make a difference, so here’s a quick and easy guide to acquiring an essential skill for all iPad owners, old and new.

First of all, it is important to know What is the extension from file. These terms in computer science represent a particle which is inserted at the end of the filename e Which helps the system To understand the file type to associate it with the most appropriate application or reading program.

Extensions are present in all downloaded files and can be changed if errors occur during the download, i.e. Most famous I am:

  • .short messagefor text files such as notepad files
  • .mp3, .ogg, or .wavfor audio files that contain audio tracks
  • .jpg, .png, .gif, or .psdfor files containing images and still images
  • .avi, .mpeg, .wmv, .mp4, .flvfor videos
  • . exe, .cmdfor Windows programs
  • .programming languagefor web pages
  • .doc, .docxfor files produced by Microsoft Word
  • .pdffor PDF files
  • .zip, .rarfor compressed files

How to change file extension on iPad

To make a file readable on your iPad, you can follow a simple procedure, which can be done not only on your smartphone but also on your computer. iPhone And with some minor modifications as well macbook or iMac Or on computers with other operating systems, such as windows.

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How to change the extension on the iPad – (Source: freepik)

Changing extensions on the iPad begins with opening the app “file“, where all the files downloaded and stored by the phone are located, here you will have to look for a file The exact location of the file that will have to change the extension. Once you select the file in question, just tap on Three points At the top, select View Options and then Show All Extensions, this step allows you to see all file extensions.

To complete the procedure now it is enough to press and hold on the file to change it and select the option “rename’, so you can write the correct extension. On computers, the process is simpler, and in fact it is sufficient Right click in the file and then select “Rename”.

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