Bad Juventus makes Vlahovic useless

Bad Juventus makes Vlahovic useless

The decade immediately reached its climax and that of Juventus It also appears to be large and intertwined. A well-organized Sampdoria was enough to expose all the limits of the formation cheerfulfree of wounded by Maria and Pogba. Too little Juventus was seen in Marassi, a boring team without ideas. Too bad to be true, perhaps. Even embarrassing in the first half for the amount of play produced. Too bad 4-4-1-1 designed by Livorno coach without attacking points: No imagination, just think so Vlahovic He touched the first ball in the opposite half of the field in the 50th minute, a beginner.

The Serbian striker in particular is an important issue because the Bianconeri match makes him harmless. A forgotten buoy in the attack and even the numbers are there to confirm it. In the final triple whistle, only nine balls touched by the former Fiorentina, complete with a goal close to his own. Nervous and out of the way, the number 9 who paid 80 million in January should now be able to prove his worth because otherwise Investing at risk of bankruptcy.

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When the trial can only end there Massimiliano Allegri Which seems to be quite complicated and ended up in the crosshairs of fans. Only the technician is considered the main culprit of this “disaster”. The two losing points don’t worry, of course, but how Juve didn’t know how to act. Completely isolated from the situation with Allegri, who preferred not to take them, as the words appear at the end of the match: “Well, you don’t concede a goal.” Too little for a coach sitting on the old lady’s bench. The company still believes in the technical God forbid, but it’s clear that something has to change in the short term. No point in hiding behind the absence of reinforcements that reached the market, Pogba and Di Maria, the victory over Sassuolo only hid the flaws of the team without a bite. Reinforcements will continue to arrive, from Depay to Milik, but the heads of players who are already on the team will have to change and organize the game, for the time being, we can say, non-existent. Otherwise, it will be another hard season.

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