PS5 and Xbox Series

PS5 and Xbox Series

PS5 and Xbox Series By the end of the year, according to estimates made by IDG analysts and cited by Take-Two during the last meeting with shareholders.

According to the report, the ninth generation consoles will achieve a 37% increase compared to previous predictions made by Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, while the numbers will reach 2027 and beyond. 175 million units.

Obviously, the publisher’s expectations are tied to the push he makes GTA 6 sales They appear to be designed to help popularize the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

Anticipation grows

“We use IDG forecasts, which are very large,” Zelnick explained during the meeting. “In terms of Generation 9 alone, their opinion is that they were there at the end of last year Nearly 81 million consoles sold all over the world.”

PS5 Slim in two versions

He added, “According to the expectations they presented, this number will rise to 111 million by the end of this year.” It will reach 175 million by the end of 2027. “We don’t necessarily agree with these forecasts, but they highlight some really remarkable growth.”

Obviously, we expect a very high attachment rate for GTA 6, concluded the CEO of Take-Two. As we know, the new chapter of the Rockstar Games series will be released in the fall of 2025, and everyone expects a great success.

Moreover, at that point, two ninth generation consoles will also be available on the market, namely PlayStation 5 Pro and Nintendo Switch 2.

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