June 8, 2023

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Cuban doctors in Calabria and leaders of the re-establishment of communism: ‘Unacceptable US intervention’

Catanzaro – “While Cuba sends doctors to Calabria, the United States with usual imperial arrogance intervenes in the decisions of an Italian region. Doesn’t the richest country in the world guarantee health care to its citizens and come to give lessons in Italy?”. This is what Maurizio Acerbo – National Secretary Memo Serao – Regional Secretary in Calabria and the Communist Re-establishment Party – European Left asks in a note.

Who remembers how “the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for decades is illegal, criminal, contrary to international law and has been condemned dozens of times by the United Nations General Assembly. While the United States exports wars, missiles and bombs, Cuba has surpassed it in terms of life expectancy. You have reminded us The United States, with its intervention, is an imperial power that prevents companies from third countries from cooperating with Cuba, and strangling the Cuban economy is a crime against humanity.Thank you to Cuba and its doctors – at the end of the memorandum – who work today in Calabria, as is the case in dozens of countries around the world, and they bear witness to the values ​​of the revolution that ensured access to education and the right to health for the poor and families exploited.”

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