The announcement begins the 2024 Sant Medair Festivals in Gràcia

The announcement begins the 2024 Sant Medair Festivals in Gràcia

the Saint Medair Celebrations 2024 From Vila de Gràcia starting on Sunday with Traditional advertisement In the middle of the day. Before that, there was a crowd carrying gang flags and offering flowers Trilla Square. One of them is scheduled to start immediately after that procession Which will travel through the streets of the neighborhood until it reaches Plaça de la Vila with the workers, the liga, the clubs and the giants of Gracia.

In the mid-morning, horse riding and other activities for the little ones are scheduled, also at Plaça de la Vila. Already at noon, at 12:45 p.m., Traditional advertisement From the balcony of the Gracia District Headquarters. Although it may seem strange, it is customary for Saint Medair to be announced 15 days before the start of the festival.

Advertisement in defense of popular culture

In the opening speech, he said: Caller Eloy Palmeirothe cultural activist, made one A compelling defense of popular cultureas a reflection of ” Personality and character From the streets and the neighbourhoods.” In his speech, Palmeiro stressed that despite being from Barcelona by adoption in Ciutat Vela, he inherited a “love of tradition” from his parents.

It is a circumstance that he defended from the balcony of the district headquarters as a major issue: “The neighborhood cannot be left only in the hands of activists.” to caution To the Graciencs and the Graciencs who listened to him tell them “Don't let this happen to you.” He gave an example Optimization That some people suffer City neighbourhoodswithin “major events promoted by administrations in search of economic impact.”

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Sweet Party, March 2

this year, Saturday, March 2 The beautiful feast of Saint Medair will be celebrated in the neighbourhood. In the morning, rounds will be conducted with the different gangs, and in the evening, starting at 7.30 p.m., Parade along the Carrer Gran de Gràcia With floats and traditional Toss the candy.

It is one of the most popular festivals rooted in Villa de GraciaBut it is also celebrated in Saria, Saint Gervasi I for Bordetta.

Saint Medair procession along the Carrer Gran de Gracia

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