Cartoon about Francesca Manucci, Enrico Mentana: “It sucks”

Cartoon about Francesca Manucci, Enrico Mentana: “It sucks”

Journalist Francesca Mannucci, who covered the war in Ukraine for several newspapers, is the heroine of a cartoon in Fatto Quotidiano describing “the side effects of phosphorous and uranium on war correspondents”. Mannocchi is known as the “poor skull”. The cartoon fueled the controversy on Twitter with a torrent of denouncing messages. “Thank you all for the public and private messages. Just one thing: do not insult the newspaper, the newspapers are its readers. Let us do criticism point by point, without reductions, but with exact, precise and informed words. We make it, let us make good use of it and let us take care of it,” writes Mannocchi.

The topic was taken up on television by Enrico Mentana, Massimo Giletti’s guest on Non è l’arena on La7. “We have to understand each other. If you say ‘poor skull’ about a journalist, it’s not satire: it’s a crime. We’re not talking about a strong subject, say it about Mentana or Giletti… She’s a journalist who, unlike most of her critics old and new, has been There. Can you tell it poor skull? Satire can do everything? Well, but can we just say it’s bad?”, says Tg La7’s director.

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