AMERICAN RUST / TV series about the conflicts of an important quartet in America

Two great actors, an extraordinary Jeff Daniels and a talented Maura Tyrney, make it American Rust – American Rust One of the most beautiful series of the last part of this year, must be seen immediately and without pause. The deep United States, between Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has a dominant color: rust. It is the color of its unused steel mills, coal and iron – produced here for over a century – all of which are produced. But it has rusted human relations between those who are unlucky enough to follow the “great transformation” and those who are forever condemned on the margins of society.

Jeff Daniel (Newsroom, Godless, Steve Jobs) Del Harris, a police commissioner who took refuge in the small (imaginary) town of Poole on the border between the two states. He has a history of being a cop in Pittsburgh, he wants not to talk about it, and he has decided to leave. He is in a relationship with Grace Bow, played by Maura Tyrney (Front row ER Medici, The Affair – A Dangerous Relationship), To support a divorced woman who works for less money in a sewing shop. Grace Billy’s mother, a good boy, however, often – as happens in these areas – gets into some trouble. Dell helps Billy overcome these adventures and tries to protect the boy with his father’s attitude.

But things go downhill when the body of a former guard who Dell reluctantly opened fire is found in an abandoned steel plant. Billy is suspected of murdering himself and he had some disagreements with the policeman who was killed in the past. Dell was expelled from the trial by the attorney general because everyone knew his relationship with his mother. But that does not stop the commissioner from seeking the truth and trying to save the boy’s life.

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When Lee returns home, she is a beautiful local woman of Mexican descent. He once went to New York to study law and later married a very wealthy lawyer. Lee is Billy’s girlfriend and sister of his best friend. However, the money may not be enough to help those close to her, and she must decide to spend her personal commitment as well.

The television series (9 episodes) was taken from the book of the same name by Philip Meyer. Produced by Showtime and produced by Dan Footerman, it will be available on NowTv and Sky Atlantic from October 25. Bill Camp with two protagonists (latest recognition Queen of ChessAs Lee’s father and Mark Bellegrino (Lost, Dexter, Tradici) Who played Billy’s estranged father.

American Rust It is the story of the “Rust Belt”, the inevitable downfall of industrial society and the result of a barbaric transformation that no one sees in the face. From Pennsylvania to Chicago, from Ohio to Detroit, and from the Appalachian Mountains to the Great Lakes, it is in these four quarters that the greatest problem for the United States lies in the fact that once fertile and productive areas fell completely into recession. Unemployment and poverty, violence and drugs have deserted areas that were the heartbeat of the world economy and heavy industry half a century ago. It is no coincidence that the US presidential election here is won or lost, and in the end Pennsylvania votes always hang in the balance.

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