Israel in Gaza City, confrontation arrives. America sends Blinken to Netanyahu

Israel in Gaza City, confrontation arrives.  America sends Blinken to Netanyahu

Troops Israeli surround Gaza And they began to enter the city. The hardest part of the military campaign begins: the house-to-house war tunnel, Traps And Militiamen Mixed among civilians Prime Minister Benjamin yesterday Netanyahu He said that Israel is “at the height of the battle.” Words confirming that a confrontation with Hamas is now imminent, and that war with the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza City could take the direction that the emergency government and military leaders want. Just yesterday the Israeli Defense Army They announced the killing of 130 terrorists. But no streetThis was also repeated several times by the army and the government Full of obstacles. At the time of writing, 19 Israeli soldiers had already been killed since the start of operations inside the area Gaza strip. The Israeli Army Chief of Staff, General Herzi Halevy, admitted that the attack had a “painful price.” It is the price that Israel pays Push from the horror of October 7th Implemented by Hamas, the price of which is paid by the residents of Gaza, who are trapped in the war and have become a massive human shield. According to local authorities, The dead are already more than nine thousand. While the humanitarian situation is approaching catastrophe.

Yesterday, the Director-General of the World Health Organization said Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusHe again called for a truce to allow sufficient aid to enter. He also talked about this point again US President Joe BidenWhich confirmed his idea about the need to stop at least to allow the hostages and foreigners to leave the area Gaza strip and the arrival of other humanitarian aid. This is an aspect that remains of central importance in diplomacy WashingtonTo the extent that house white I decided to send it again Israel Minister of State Anthony Blinken. The head of US diplomacy will try, early today, to persuade Netanyahu to give his consent to short pauses in the fighting – pauses, as defined by Washington, that are not equivalent to a ceasefire – to allow the achievement of those humanitarian goals deemed necessary. By the Biden administration and “minimize harm to men, women and children in Gaza.” This is unlikely to happen with forces already in Gaza. The clash between the Jewish state agencies also attests to this. Yesterday the Prime Minister’s Office clarified that, contrary to what the Chief of Staff claimed, fuel delivery to Gaza had not been approved. The choice is also dictated by the fact that most Gas In the Palestinian pocket it is in the hands agitation. but Biden And Blinken They will try to make a final attempt to undermine Netanyahu’s plans. An effort they know they can do too for Great political and military support Which the US government has confirmed to Israel since the brutal terrorist attack that occurred on October 7.

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there Escape from the sectorthrough the passage RafahAnother 400 people with foreign passports (including a six-year-old Italian girl) and 60 seriously injured Palestinians are a sign of dialogue. However, there are many variables that can affect this fragile balance. The first to realize this is the United States and its main allies. One of these unknowns is the northern front, the one with Lebanonwhere yesterday Hizb allah The attacks intensified, and some Hamas members deployed there fired missiles at an Israeli city Pellets Shmona. the the Israeli Defense Army They bombed sites Hizb allahHe held him responsible for what is happening in southern Lebanon. Today, on what is expected to be a particularly intense Friday, the speech is expected Hassan NasrallahSecretary General of the Lebanese Militia. Hamas pushes Hezbollah into the conflict, opening a second front that divides the Israeli armed forces. NasrallahHowever, despite his clear stance in support of the Palestinian organization and the ongoing rocket fire against Israel, he has not seemed particularly interested in entering the conflict directly. This is due to at least two reasons. On the one hand there is a fear that Lebanon It was drawn into a war that only one of its factions, the Shiite faction, wanted, and then it was held responsible before… village For years it has been plunged into an endless economic and political crisis. On the other side there is a direct entrance to Hizb allah That would lead to entanglement from IranWith the risk of uncontrolled escalation at the regional level. The second unknown is the West Bank, where tensions continue between the Palestinians, the armed forces, and settlers Israelis. Yesterday, a reservist the Israeli Defense Army He was killed in an attack while National People’s Congress of China to Abu Mazenincluding the agency Wafa He gave news of a phone call with Pope Francis, in which he announced the death of three Palestinians.

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