Cub kingdom of lies

Cub kingdom of lies

Missouri Attorney General Schmidt, along with Louisiana Attorney General Landry, questioned Anthony Fauci (head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) last December [NIAID]) in a long questioning. The head of the body that issued the standards for censorship of the pharmaceutical sector for all of the West, which were so defended by the mainstream media, found himself sitting on hot coals and might have thought he could get away with it again, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. This is for now.

In May of this year, based on Fauci’s statements blown into stark contradiction and falsehood by Elon Musk’s Twitter profiles, the two judges filed a lawsuit condemning the Biden administration, personally investing Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci, as well as involving the entire US Department of Homeland Security. and dozens of federal agencies, including initially the FBI. The American deep state, then, is finally in the dock! The lawsuit alleges that a massive coordinated effort was carried out by the criminal association, the deep state, i.e. a state with permanent administrative power independent of the winner of the election. This organization aims to use Big Tech (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) to censor and manipulate Americans’ perceptions (from citizens, to wire services, to the media) on issues involving the laptop to report on human trafficking and Hunter Biden. The bribes in Ukraine, the lack of electoral integrity of the 2020 presidential election, the origin of COVID-19 and last but not least, the lingering skepticism about a COVID-19 vaccine. Here are the ways in which Fauci and the Biden administration are committing serious crimes:

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a) Fauci claimed he was unaware that his communications team was coordinating with the heads of organizations on social media to stop “misinformation and disinformation,” until he was forced to admit that he was in fact aware of some instances of coordination.

b) Fauci repeatedly stated that COVID-19 was a natural virus, but two years later he himself denied that thesis. Fauci has said several times that disinformation (the definition of information he disagrees with) puts lives at risk, but pressure from the Louisiana Attorney General has been unable to argue whether the label ‘disinformation’ on the origin of Covid19 is his theses expressed in 2020 or his country , but unlike the previous one, in 2022.

c) Fauci refused to define research on “gain of function” saying it was too broad a term to define, thus depriving any of his assessments of a minimal scientific character.

d) Fauci repeatedly stated that he didn’t understand something, for example at one point he lied when he claimed he didn’t know what Meta (Facebook’s parent company) was, until later he was forced to admit that, in fact, I knew exactly what it was meta. Unequivocal documentation has been produced consisting of various audio recordings attesting to how he knew what Meta was and what exactly it meant.

e) Another typical practice of lying by Fauci, constituting multiple offences, occurred when he was forced to admit that he had made formal contact and therefore knew the circumstances of a key person or a key report, yet attempted to downplay its importance, suggesting that while reviewing the data He was distracted and did not read it carefully, or was not an expert in that sense, and therefore did not fully understand its scientific meaning and implications.

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f) Another very disingenuous judicial defense tactic on Fauci’s part was that of “bypassing the barrel,” that is, that of getting his distant subordinates into trouble. This tendency is repeated in his testimony, in which he brazenly argued that while he, the head of NIAID, with his budget of $6 billion a year and a multitude of the world’s most diverse and skilled ‘experts’ had no knowledge of what the reports signed by him were appearing in America and in the world , anonymous officials will be responsible for very serious shortcomings of a scientific nature.

g) And finally, the most dangerous thing of all. Fauci argued that hydroxychloroquine is “dangerous” and has “toxic” side effects. This claim was false, because HCQ is one of the safest drugs known to man, but also because the COVID “vaccine” has killed tens of thousands and harmed millions of Americans. Similarly, Fauci’s medical treatment, remdesivir, has not shown any positive effects in treating COVID and is also highly toxic, as indicated in the leaflet.

h) Fauci claimed that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective in treating COVID, but the response to cross-examination did not cite a single study to support his claim, stating that references to studies supporting his claims did not cross his mind at the time, hence his decisions. On the other hand, Fauci claimed not to know any of the 371 studies on hydroxychloroquine that prove its efficacy in treating the disease, claiming that he was unaware of this, confirming his ignorance in this sense even when there is a list of scientific publications signed by scientists. At the top of important universities and research institutes.

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