From uranium shells in Great Britain to Kiev, Moscow is outraged. A new wave of cyber attacks by pro-Russian hackers

From uranium shells in Great Britain to Kiev, Moscow is outraged.  A new wave of cyber attacks by pro-Russian hackers

Russian drone attack, 4 dead east of Kiev

The death toll from last night’s Russian drone strike in the city of Regshev, southeast of Kiev, has risen to four, said Andrei Nepetov, head of the metropolitan area police department. Meanwhile, the death toll has fallen to four, after rescuers pulled one person from the rubble, the state emergency service reported to the Guardian on Telegram.

Russia accuses Britain of committing genocide because of the uranium bombs

Russia accuses Britain of wanting to wage “genocide” by supplying depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine. A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said, “The use of depleted uranium munitions is a manifestation of the genocide of the population against whom they are being used and the people who use them.” Maria Zakharovin an interview with Sputnik. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also publicly criticized Britain’s decision to hand over depleted uranium munitions to Kiev’s military.

Yesterday evening the Ministry British defence He dismissed the charge sheet, stating that it was a “standard component” that “has nothing to do with nuclear weapons or capabilities.” The note notes that this “Russia knows, but is deliberately trying to mislead information.”

Moscow: “Enough for US drones over the Black Sea”

The deputy foreign minister said that Moscow is warning the United States not to “test Russia’s patience” by continuing drone flights over the Black Sea. Sergey Ryabkov.

The diplomat was quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency as saying that the United States “cynically denies” the ban imposed by Russia on overflights in the Black Sea region in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine.

Kiev, drones hit 2 dormitories: the death toll increased to 4, many wounded

Attack by enemy drones a Regishev, in the Kiev region, early on March 22 partially destroyed the fourth and fifth floors of two five-story dormitories and a three-story school building of a vocational high school. This was stated by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in a post on Telegram, the reports ukrinform. At 06:50, the fires were extinguished in an area of ​​330 m2.

Rescuers pulled the body of another victim from the rubble of an inn. The number of victims of the drone attack by the Russians rose to 4.

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Douma: “Uranium bullets are a tragedy that will strike the European Union”

A war against the last Ukrainian could become a war against the last European. Britain announced that the Nazi regime in Kiev would be supplied with depleted uranium ammunition (by the way, Washington used similar shells in Yugoslavia and Iraq, which led to contamination of the region, as well as a sharp increase in the incidence of cancer among people). This decision leads to a global tragedy that will affect primarily European countries. ” This was stated on his Telegram channel by the Chairman of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

“It should be clear,” says Volodin, “that the next step for supplying depleted uranium ammunition could be the use of a dirty bomb by the Kiev regime. Or use tactical nuclear bombs. If that happens, there is no going back. Washington and its satellites (London, Brussels, Warsaw, etc.) are doing everything possible to make the “war against the last Ukrainian” the “war against the last European.”

British Intelligence: The Russians are retreating at Bakhmut

The ministry wrote that there is a “realistic possibility” that the Russian offensive on the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region is losing the limited momentum it had gained, in part because some units have been redeployed to other sectors. Daily intelligence update.

In recent days, Ukrainian forces have launched a local counteroffensive west of the city, likely to relieve pressure on the threatened supply route. H-32Also read the report posted on Twitter. Meanwhile, fighting continues around the city center and the Ukrainian defense is still at risk of being outflanked from the north and south.

Kiev: Eight Russian kamikaze drones were shot down overnight near the city

Eight kamikaze drones a witness It was discovered and destroyed near Kiev in the early hours of Monday 22 March. second ukrinformThe military administration of the city of Kiev said this in a Telegram post.

Three people were killed and seven others were injured In the aftermath of a drone attack by Russian forces last night in the Kiev region: the regional military administration announced on Telegram, as reported by Ukrinform.

The latest air raid alert in Kiev lasted for more than four hours. According to the final information, about eight enemy Shahed drones were spotted in the airspace around Kiev. All stray munitions have been successfully destroyed by our air defense forces. Thanks to our air defense forces! Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy PopkoHead of the military administration of the city of Kyiv.

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Zelensky: “criminal raids”

More than 20 deadly Iranian drones, in addition to numerous missiles and explosions. And it was the last night of Russian terror against Ukraine. Every time someone tries to hear “Peace in Moscow, another order is given for these criminal raids there.” Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, wrote this on Twitter, commenting on the latest round of Russian attacks. He added, “The success of the Ukrainian forces on land, in the air, and at sea really brings peace closer.” Global unity can restore global stability.”

The Russian fleet: repelling a Ukrainian attack with drones

The Russian Black Sea Fleet announced that it had repelled a Ukrainian drone attack on Sevastopol, Crimea. “At dawn our fleet repelled a drone attack,” Sevastopol governor Mikhail Razvogayev said. In total, three things were destroyed. They tried to break into the bay, and the sailors fired at them from small arms. Air defense also worked on an air target. “The warships were not damaged,” Razovugayev wrote in a telegram.

I direct the war in Ukraine today, March 22, when the 13-month mark of Russian aggression is about to end.

A new day of suffering begins for Ukrainians as Xi Jinping leaves Moscow and essentially confirms the fears of the West.

“China does not have a neutral position” and “So far we have not heard anything from Putin and Xi that leads us to believe that the war in Ukraine will end soon.” On the second day of the Chinese leader’s visit to the Kremlin, the White House bluntly rejected his role as “peacemaker”, accusing Moscow and Beijing of wanting a “world playing by their rules” and accelerating the supply of Abrams and Patriots to Kiev. . “I don’t think China can be considered impartial in any way,” he attacked John Kirby at a packed press conference. A spokesman for the US National Security Council also confirmed that the meeting between the “Caesar” and the Chinese president did not give any indications that give hope for a quick end to the conflict. Kirby reiterated that the rumored cease-fire proposal would only “freeze the front” by endorsing the Russian conquests and giving Putin “time and opportunity to reorganize his military forces”, in crisis of means, ammunition and morals. Kirby also accused that questioning Beijing’s neutrality is the supply of equipment for dual use (military and civilian) to Russia by some Chinese companies.

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The New York Times also confirmed the disclosure of information that the Dragon sold drones and their components to Moscow for more than $12 million since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. These are about 70 Chinese suppliers who have sold 26 different brands of Chinese drones to Russia. The second best selling brand was Autel, a Chinese drone maker with subsidiaries in the US, Germany and Italy. “It is difficult to prove whether Chinese drones contain US technologies that violate US regulations or if they are legal,” The New York Times wrote, noting that shipments “often arrive via middlemen and small exporters.”

DJI, the manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles that has become a symbol of a new kind of warfare in the country, presents a particular problem for the US government. According to the newspaper, sales of its drones to Russia have continued, although the company — already a target of the US in export controls — said it had suspended shipments to both Russia and Ukraine.

According to experts consulted by The Wall Street Journal, the United States will likely respond to an increase in military aid to Russia by Beijing by punishing the specific Chinese companies and financial institutions involved. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced the acceleration of the delivery (“as soon as possible”) to Kiev of 31 tanks and two air defense missile systems.

Instead of supplying the latest Abrams, which would have taken at least a year, the US opted for the older (and also easier to maneuver) M1A1: delivery times estimated by fall. On the other hand, two Patriot batteries could arrive sooner, given that the training of 65 Ukrainian soldiers at Fort Skill, Oklahoma, has already progressed well.

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