Criticism of Gantz's proposal to impose sanctions on companies that do not return their headquarters to Catalonia

Criticism of Gantz's proposal to impose sanctions on companies that do not return their headquarters to Catalonia

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Together for Catalonia It requested the cancellation of the Spanish government decree that facilitated the D.E. process Moving the headquarters of Catalan companies During the operation in 2017. Junts spokesman, Joseph RiosIn an interview with SER Catalunya, he called for punishing those who do not want to return and encouraging those in Catalonia with financial measures. Naturally, this was separated from the approval or disapproval of decrees covering social measures and legal issues tomorrow in the Spanish Congress.

The State General Government rejected the proposal because it believed it would amount to “punishment to those who kept it”. The spokeswoman said Patricia Blaga In a press conference. “This was not thought of and has never been thought of, not resoundingly,” he stressed.

For its part, the Spanish government said PSOE They showed themselves open to negotiating Gontz's request, but rejected potential sanctions. Spokesman for the Socialists in the Spanish Congress Patxi LopezHe stressed that they would work to make the return possible, whether he or the ministers Carlos's body I Pilar Alegría They insisted on the need to provide legal security. In addition, PSOE sources indicated to ACN that lifting the sanctions would be illegal and would contravene European regulations.

Employers also reject this proposal

In the current situation, Promotion of work Junts' proposal was rejected. The employer he is heading Book by Josep Sanchez He stressed that the companies that left will return when they deem it necessary, and there is normal institutional life and a suitable economic climate.

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Head of the chamber of commerce from barcelona, Joseph SantacroHe stressed that it was difficult for him to understand the proposal. In addition, he noted that it is necessary to consolidate as many companies as possible currently in the territory. But he admitted that he wanted the companies that moved their headquarters to return, but said that conditions must be created for them to do so. He said in a press conference: “We have to do everything we can, and the more positive things are, the better.”

president blind, Xavier Panis, emphasized that the employer does not share Junts' proposal. He said in statements to Europe Press: “We do not agree not to propose penalties or rewards for this concept.”

Bim He stated that it was necessary to encourage the return of the headquarters to its completion dumping Finance, but without demanding the merger of companies.

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