News from La Seu d’Urgell, Alt Urgell and the Pyrenees

News from La Seu d’Urgell, Alt Urgell and the Pyrenees

Chairman of the Junts+ Puigdemont list for Catalonia in Lleida, Janine Abella“This Friday was denounced in the Seu d’Urgell.”Four-decade abandonment of N-260 (Eix Pirinenc) and N-230 to Vielha By the PP and PSOE governments. The candidate for Pallares lamented the “dangerous state” of these roads and defended the “urgent” need for improvements, with measures such as the construction of the Montferrer roundabout or the Cerallo tunnel waiting for more than twenty years.

Abella lamented that “whoever rules Madrid, we always have to pay the people of the Pyrenees,” and noted that Gontz had made an offer. A proposed resolution requesting the transfer of powers and management of the two roads With the necessary resources to implement the necessary arrangements. In addition, the mayor of Isona and Conca Della also denounced that “the state government has also not done its homework on critical infrastructures such as the Cumulus axis or the port of Puixols.”

In this sense, Abella A Document containing 15 core proposals for Junts+ for the Haute Pyrenees and Arran. The program includes, among other points, the development of an infrastructure plan, measures to reverse population migration, improvement of transport and public services, cooperation with Andorra in the field of health, improvement of security and emergency conditions, and strengthening of the University in the Pyrenees. The candidate for the Pyrenees expressed his conviction that “only a good government, with the will and determination organized together for Catalonia, will be able to demand from Madrid what the Pyrenees really needs.”

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For his part, number four in the nomination, Jordi Fabrega, He regretted that the legislature ended without the Mountain Law. He replied: “We need it so that we can provide opportunities and services to everyone,” defending the territorial balance. Regarding the parliamentary elections, the Orgelin politician stated that “on the 12-M you have to lower your head and resign or work together to raise the Pyrenees and Catalonia.” He concluded: “At Junts+ we have the project and the position to make the country prosper and we call on everyone to fill the ballot boxes with hope and dignity.”

Meeting in Seu Dorgel

On Friday, Jeanine Abella, head of the Lleida, Alte Perinho and Arran list, participated in the electionsThe central event of Junts+ is in Alt UrgellWhich was held in the Immaculate Hall in Seu d’Urgell. Victoria Alsina, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, also participated; Jordi Fabrega, No. 4 in nomination; Albert Morrell, No. 14; Cristina Rotella, Alternative 4, and Josefina Lados, President of the Regional Council of Alt-Urgell.

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