Kulusevski: “Count as different from Allegri: I’ve never known a person like this”

Kulusevski: “Count as different from Allegri: I’ve never known a person like this”

The Swede talks about Tottenham’s transfer from Juventus: “My world has changed”

From Juventus in Tottenham: to me Diane Kulusevsky “The world has changed.” The Swede himself is the one who admits this. How much is the difference between Allegri and Conte:I don’t want to say that one is better than the other, because I have a lot of respect for Allegri and Conte and they both have won a lot in their careers, but the work and the idea of ​​football are completely different. I’ve never in my life, even outside of football, met someone as passionate as Conte. One like that, when he talks to you, he forcefully enters your heart.” Kulusevsky moved to Tottenham in January, a year and a half later in black and white amid lights and shadows, on loan with a commitment to buy back under certain conditions.

“I haven’t changed anything about myself in recent months: I’ve gone mental and always go on the pitch to do my best. However, at Juventus it didn’t work out other than what I tried to do – the offensive winger added in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport – I’m a man Likes to look forward, not backward Juventus I didn’t feel good for a lot of different reasons and when you realize things aren’t going well, it’s hard to reverse being in the same environment. So the decision to leave Italy was the best I could take in this situation. And again: “In England I am great, everything is better than it was in Turin, both on and off the field. Like I said, now I really always want to play football.”

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