Credit cards, they empty it for you the second you walk in. When you realize that, it’s too late

Credit cards, they empty it for you the second you walk in.  When you realize that, it’s too late
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Scams, of any kind, are now the order of the day, and you better pay more attention everywhere.

actually. You can always become an unwitting victim. With a simple pull ATMfor example, can come across ATM edited by criminals that through the use of dummy keyboards placed over the real ones, I was able to steal the PIN code of paper. Moreover, they can also reproduce it in its context.

The target user doesn’t realize this until they find themselves with the account practically drained. But this is not the only trick. For example, we told you about a file scam affiliate Newspaper and deception Llama. This is actually disgusting. In practice, someone spits on the ATM when they are money give her door.

Meanwhile, someone else, quickly, Care money for victim. Another classification is the fake type employee from Bank Who claims there are problems on money It is taken from the victim and demanded from the latter deliver them. Meanwhile, the criminal exchanges them for money forged and goes away. Victim, finds himself with sheets of Trash.

bad TricksAs we mentioned at the beginning, it can happen in any way and anywhere. In fact, it is happening more and more that they are being targeted cards of credit contact. Yes, you get it right. And we will talk about them in this article, and also give you some of them advice about how to prevent problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking or riding public transportation, the new scam is everywhere.

We would like to add that when you realize it will be too late to put one on piecel Repair to illegal. L’Warning He was Launched On one of the most popular and widely used social platforms. We are talking about Facebook And it was the user who witnessed such deception.

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But let’s see what happens. In practice, i criminals They are targeting them victim And they follow her wherever she goes. when they are in one place crowded Like a mall, a line at the supermarket, or on public transportation, they act in a way fast And without anyone leaving notice. like? It is really very simple.

Now we all have it in governor Card contact. And they are around me more and more Furniture pos. Scammers approach points of sale at pockets and on bags from victims And they put their diabolical plan into action. They can do this because payments under €25 don’t need a PIN or signed receipt. And even if you activate the SMS notification for transactionsBy the time you realize that, it will be too late.

But how do you defend yourself from these criminals?

First of all, it would be a good practice to keep an eye on all those who come very close to your person especially indoors Places very crowded. Then, you will be able to understand if your banking institution allows it through Banking home pagel disable paying off contact when it is not needed. This way, you can only activate it when needed.

Finally, we recommend you to buy it governor Created specifically to protect credit cards. This has a job protect them. In this way, i scammerswhile approaching, will not be able to work with POS. In practice, they will stay Disappointed And they will switch to following another potential victim. Pay your attention well.

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