I’m going to buy a Volvo EX30, but I have a doubt…

I’m going to buy a Volvo EX30, but I have a doubt…

Fernando wrote that I would buy a Volvo EX30, but I have doubts about the deterioration of the battery and the remaining range of electric cars. electric fi he answers. We remind you that your questions should be sent to [email protected]

I’m going to buy a Volvo EX30, but what happens over time…?

“theFirst of all, congratulations to the site, you have found many good articles and useful information. We bought the spring To enter the world of electricity, we are excited. We were now thinking of buying a car too With greater autonomy for a different experience. We specified the spring for domestic use, by recharging Every 3-4 days at home outlet Overnight. Unfortunately, this type of machine does not allow you to have a wide range of autonomy, also because without express shipping. The new machine we’re considering, plus daily use with an overnight charge, should complement our experience. Security Good autonomy and fast charging On holiday travel. We have set in Volvo EX30 model that meets these needs.

Will I be able to keep it even with less than 80% battery remaining?

The economic effort is not insignificant, and in choosing this type of car, we also want to consider age of goodness. We don’t want to change cars just yet. 10 years (When we should start estimating in theory Low efficiency batteries). The idea is that when a car can’t easily play the “holiday car” role, lower the rating for it local excursions. By extending the life of the asset and replenishing the fleet with another vehicle to fulfill the role. What I didn’t understand was: what does that mean, and why are the batteries considered dead when they arrive 80% efficient? If I originally had a car 500 km range, I can continue to use it when the battery only has it 50% efficiency? Or are there contraindications or risks? If I can use it for local travel in 10-15 years, the life of the original will be much longer (15-20-25 years?). Making the choice really economical, and also morally preferable since environmental point of view. Fernando Pedrini

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Answer. She can hold out for as long as she wants. All talk about80% remaining capacity dThe batteries are restricted for guarantees Provided by manufacturers to the customer at the time of purchase. Reassuring with the explanation that if after a certain number of kilometers or years the battery drops below a certain guaranteed threshold, it will replace it for free. The seller clearly keeps his distance, knowing that a certain deterioration usually occurs in the first year, Then slow down. In the case of the Volvo EX30, a version with it is available 480 km of autonomy. Even if it loses 20%, it will go down at 384 km, More than enough for use only in the city and surrounding areas.

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