June 10, 2023

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He wants to destroy civilization, he hates humanity.”

Musk vs. SorosIt’s a war between billionaires. The South African-born inventor and entrepreneur has attacked the Hungarian-born financier head-on. The punchline came via Twitter: “Soros reminds me of Magneto”.

Musk: Soros hates humanity

“You assume he means well, but he doesn’t. It wants to erode the very fabric of civilization, Soros hates humanityElon Musk specified to two Twitter commenters who asked him the reason for his poisonous comment.

The banker and philanthropist of Jewish descent, as well as the great speculator against Italy at the time of the lira, has been compared to Magneto (Christmas name Max Eisenhardt), the ruthless Marvel Comics Antiheroa survivor of the Holocaust and since then a fierce enemy of the human race, is considered an inferior to the mutants.

Journalist Brian Krassenstein responded to the head of Twitter with some objections:

Fun fact: Magneto’s experiences during the Holocaust as a survivor shaped his perspective as well as his depth and empathy. Soros, also a Holocaust survivor, is relentlessly attacked for his good intentions that some Americans consider bad simply because they disagree with his political affiliations.

Soros sells all Tesla shares

Musk decided not to respond to critics. The reason for the frontal attack was not disclosed on the social network, but it seems clear to analysts that it is related to the news, made three days ago, of Soros’ intention Sell ​​all Tesla shares It is owned by Soros Fund Management.

The decision angered Musk. Despite the work of the stock exchange, on Tuesday, May 16th Tesla stock closed higher.

George Soros and conspiracy theories

In recent years Soros has been associated with various Conspiracy theories: someone sees him in the guise of the great puppeteer of the plan of ethnic replacement in Europe. Others consider him to be the instigator of riots that broke out in different states in order to overthrow their governments.

For another, Soros’ goal would be to reduce the population and create a new world order. Others go further and consider it a reptilian.

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