Credit Assignment and Enel X: No Platforms Coming Soon

Credit Assignment and Enel X: No Platforms Coming Soon

September was the month designated for the launch of Enel X, the platform that was supposed to solve the problem of non-performing loans associated with Superbonus. But constant delays and doubts set this project back.

Now, Enel Group has announced that it will take over Credits only already within its perimeter. This decision represents a severe blow to the thousands of families and businesses awaiting a solution.

“Enel X fulfills the commitments it made at the time, without triggering new commitments and without resorting to complex platforms. It has gradually reactivated the process of purchasing tax credits from persons with whom contracts were previously signed, in cases where the requirements required by the contractual terms and reference legislation are met.

The problem of defaulted credits

When it comes to substandard loans, it is not a matter of the fringe, but rather a problem that has taken on gigantic proportions. We are discussing a credit pool of more than 30 billion euros, which is a figure that cannot be ignored. But it’s not just about abstract numbers; Behind these figures are concrete facts: more than 200,000 Italian families and nearly 180,000 companies are directly involved and are currently at the mercy of an uncertain and precarious situation.

This high volume of appropriations is further complicated by frequent regulatory shifts. The legislative changes and restrictions introduced by the governments have created an environment of uncertainty making it difficult for households and businesses to navigate these turbulent waters.

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In this context, the reopening of access to credit by a small number of banks, led by Intesa Sanpaolo, is only a drop in the ocean. While any single initiative is welcome, it is clear that broader and more systemic solutions are needed to address a problem of this magnitude.

Field Initiatives: Petition “Exodata del Superbonus”.

Among the various initiatives to address this crisis, the petition stands out “Exodates of SuperbonusThis initiative calls for the conversion of non-performing credits into a fiat currency, providing greater flexibility to banks interested in purchasing credits.

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Moreover, the reopening of sales is being urged by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, an entity that could bring greater confidence in the reward system.

Poste Italiane’s future moves

The time horizon set by the Italian Post for October represents an important moment and a real crossroads for the future of NPLs linked to the super reward. If Postal Italia decides to reopen the doors to obtaining these credits, this could lead to a significant change in the current landscape, providing an additional channel for credit clearance, and thus relief for the thousands of families and businesses currently waiting for a solution.

Postal Italia’s decision is particularly significant because the company has a prominent position in the Italian financial system, and its move in this direction could serve as a catalyst for other initiatives in the sector. In other words, positive involvement on the part of Postal Italia could not only provide an immediate option for debt settlement, but it could also instill renewed confidence in the market, and motivate other institutions to follow suit.

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In this context, waiting for the Italian Post’s decisions is clear and full of expectations. It could mark a turning point, a new chapter in the complex saga of non-performing loans, and as such, it is an event that all stakeholders in the problem are watching with great interest.


The end of the Enel X project is undoubtedly a defeat, but it does not mark the end of the road for the families and companies involved. Initiatives such as the “Super Bonus Exemption” petition and Poste Italiane’s future actions could provide new opportunities.

In the meantime, it is prudent to explore all available alternatives, including direct assignment of loans to banks, to find an appropriate solution to this complex problem.

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