Electric cars burn Felicity Ace

Electric cars and the burning of the Felicity Ace, the ship sank with 3,965 luxury cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group on board: what role did they play? Vaielettrico answers. We remind you that your questions should be sent to [email protected]

Electric cars are at stake

Electric cars and the stake… / “Why are they talking about the poor safety of electric vehicles?”

“FifthI would like to explain to you This article He appeared on Tuttosport where we read: “The problem is very serious Bad safety of electric cars Then back to the news center. As car manufacturers continue to announce that they are not responsible for Large-scale battery fires of carsIt’s lies and reading it in a national newspaper drops your arms. Luca Botazi.

“FifthI follow them daily with admiration and I Happy EV owner. But today I came across In this article Which I have indicated to you and which may be worth your deepening. This is in order to avoid the classic panic of non-experts or unleash the Comments from critics for electric mobility. Pierluigi.

Electric cars and quota
Here and above are two photos of Felicity Ace.

Electric cars and the stake… / Real thing and conclusion

Reply. Let’s summarize the facts. The Felicity Ace, a merchant ship carrying thousands of luxury cars, has been destroyed after a fire broke out off the coast The Portuguese Azores. On board a load of brand cars Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Volkswagen, Some run on electricity with lithium-ion batteries. Here we must begin to explain why it was said Something real and not true. The real thing: Joao Mendes Cabesas, The captain of the nearest port on the island faial stated In the Reuters that electric car batteriesKeep the fire aliveAdding that to put it down were necessary special equipment. This is known. Lithium batteries are well protected and rarely catch fire. However, when it does happen to put out the flames, it requires techniques beyond the ordinary foam planes Firefighters use it for “regular” fires.

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Electric cars are at stake
The terrifying flames that destroyed the Euroferi Olympia are heading to Brindisi.

But there are no electric vehicles at the Euroferry Olympia…

Thing is not right. There is no evidence that the flames were emitted by electric cars. there Reuters He just saysIt is not clear if the batteries were what led to the fire … as Captain Kabekas himself said that the fire is spreading more Near the fuel tanks from the shipSo: it will take a serious survey to really determine the cause of the fire. But one fact is certain: the statistics say that the fire hazard In electric cars it is much less Compared to conventional fuel cars. To say this a number of studies published not by interested car manufacturers, but by themselves Firefighter And from Insurance companies. There are no electric cars in the dormitory Eurofire OlympiaShe was devoured by fire a few days ago while traveling from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi. But many diesel trucks…

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